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To my son,… [POEM]

So many things I will teach you
while hoping that the walls of my waters don’t ever breach you
And if I were to break,
that my stains should never reach you

In you I see where I began
I hope that you see in me reflection of a man
With that information,
I want you to STAND

Believe in good despite any urges or suggestion different
Where there is an option for your voice or your ear,
Position yourself to be able to try
There is no reason for you to suffer,
there is no reason FOR YOU to lie

Love because you have no reason not to
Feel because you have a feeling that you’ve got to
Share because you never want to be without
and Travel, so that you know what life is about

Remember that people are people
and that is no excuse
But instead a reason to forgive
or whichsoever you choose

How I’ve done it was my way
and I will never hide those facts
But Son learn from any if my mistakes
and to the same you will never go back

Show the world that you need them
but that on some can not you compromise

And above all know that YOU are loved
and how much you mean,
For if everything that matters is right on the inside,
then of YOU, to the world it will be seen.




Word, silly little word. [POEM]

There was once a word I knew
then we became friends
the word and I grew close
almost seemed like pretend

Me and the word shared feeling
hid snug in one another’s embrace
the word and I sought pleasure
a thing we both desired to taste

The word had a little history
and I begged to learn the story
but the word found me more interesting
thought I’d find its life somewhat boring

I screamed at the word to help me
just not to assume and let us be
but the word had known another
and saw glimpses of such in me

Another had used word wrong
one had only used word to call
some had used word differently
few had even used word at all

Now word knew me as an adjective
though adverbs are more preferred
then word gave me an ultimatum
a bigger word albeit absurd

Word said that I should be silent
Word said that I couldn’t see
Word said that I should be better
I guess something other than me

And now my lips are silent
for words word I no longer hear
word had the audacity to question
an answer made perfectly clear

Now word is just a fantasy
an imaginary little boys dream
some other idiots objective
some silly ole pessimists plea

Word means nothing to a doer
But doing is not what word sees
word awaits a very long paragraph,
a sentence is all that we need.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

The bus stop, LOVE. [POEM]

At the bus stop of love
On the corner of here and there
Just waiting on my ride
In this city named everywhere

I’ve missed a few on purpose
I’ve been late a few times
Guess I just enjoyed the people watching
Or I was trying to avoid the lines

You see it all from where I’m standing
You hear it all just the same
After all, they’re just people
Somewhere in a midst of change

Today I have no destination
Just came alone for the ride
I might not meet somebody
Who am I kidding, there are seats to sit beside

So today i’ll meet a stranger
A girl who looks like fun
I’ll pick the one without the bags
Just in case we need to run

Tomorrow I’ll meet another
I may fancy something plain
A girl who looks like mother
Maybe sounding just the same

And next week I’ll find a lover
One who wears such on her sleeve
And I will tell her about my search for love
Until in destiny she believes

Next month, next year, no differences
These routes remain the source
As long as I stand at this bus stop,
Only love will be the course

Or somedays I walk
Maybe find a park to rest
Other days I’ll stay at home
Seems like there I’m at my best

Find courage to ticket a plane
Soon I will try to brave the sea
I think I like climbing mountains
If I don’t I soon will see

But yet I’m still just at this bus stop
And it all just seems so plain
I’m tired of what I see here
Tomorrow I’ll take the train.

©2013 Cornelious M. Flowers

Today’s -see

“YOU have the right to NOW and YOU DESERVE to experience YOUR BEST YOU and YOU are WORTHY of being afforded OPPORTUNITY and the BLESSING & ABUNDANCE, JOY & PEACE that come along with such BUT just remember, either YOU take advantage of NOW or NOW will take advantage of YOU.”