I wish… [POEM]

I wish that my brothers would dream and come alive in hope while witnessing the come to pass of every plan he’s wrote,
I wish that my sisters would believe and rest assured in trust while experiencing the point of it all that explains the meaning of enough,
I wish that my sons would grow and find every chance in life while becoming men that afford such to their children and thus living existing in right,
I wish that my daughters would be found while losing sense of having to be and instead identifying in self and establishing peace while exuding belief,
I wish that my friends would be authentic and stand firm in who they are while challenging me to the better as our differences fall apart,
I wish that my teachers would be examples and give me credible reasons to pursue while offering a curriculum of my best interest and giving me leadership as its due,
I wish that my pastors would be flawed and hold themselves to a standard of me while congregating the word with their walk so that in a sinner a sinner can believe,
I wish that my family would be family and as a family come together in sync while as a family covering stable our bloodline as a family and not just surrendering to defeat,
I wish that my leaders would be followers and think like humans towards solution while ignoring urges to be monsters neglecting the effects of material pollution,
I wish that I could just have wishes and not choices that lead me to see that while I can want as I want for forever, the only thing I can want for the better is me…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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