Resurrection (some thought)

(An excerpt from some thoughts I had on Easter)

res·ur·rec·tion (rz-rkshn)
1. The act of rising from the dead or returning to life.
2. The state of one who has returned to life.
3. The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use; revival.

What is certain and “real” is that WE exist. Some of us have totally different viewpoints, beliefs, and faith(s), traditions, routines, and custom. Perspectively, YOUR GOD and MY GOD may be two separate entities and so is how we morally and mentally navigate these lives afforded us and I understand that. But listen, RIGHT NOW, at THIS MOMENT IN TIME, we ALL need a RESURRECTION. WE -some of us individually are okay or at least think so- as a people need to COME ALIVE in the REALIZATION OF NOW and ACKNOWLEDGE what REALLY IS. So WE MUST DIE to certain things. WE must be crucified of certain things. WE must be held ACCOUNTABLE and then made to bear certain things. And after “certain things” are “come to pass” and made known then they can be exposed and exampled for the deliberate purpose of blue printing a process for those of “US” who come after US and are POSSIBLE because of the “THEM” of US that came before.
The story of Christ as has been and is continually told perpetually into the ages has never met a time such as now. A now of an Internet and Information Age that corporately attacks the scepters and particulars of intellect with clusters and compounds of ideas and thrust into our imaginations profound options of thought and plethoras of different elements in histories once known certain to our learning. There are suggestions made easily available now that disrupt the once sturdy foundation of how we had been taught and how we had learned the “story” of Easter, the significance of Christ in particular. I’ve seen in the past few days on social media platforms an abundant supply of alternate systems of thinking that qualify as the “truth” about Easter and its origin and how it has come to be observed as it is currently.
That is why it is not important. That is why it seems to be more talk than tradition, more about fashion than being about the fabric of our lives. Because the “story” may or may not be “correct” as we have known it we have come to not accept it so much and Instead only accentuate the pieces of it that comfort the conveniences of our lives. I recognize how easy it can be for this to happen.
And so have we come to now. I get that “we” don’t agree on much these days. I get that we don’t find in one another much reason to adjust our “perceptions” enough to “play fair” as it relates to coming together in order to facilitate a process and procedural effort of getting ourselves in order. With all of this information available we have come to accept “differences” all too much so much so that we expect them to such extent that we enable the differences for the sake of not being uniform per invasion unto our individuality. It’s almost better to be “different” instead of collective because outstanding behavior (by definition) seems to bring with it outstanding benefit and byproduct. And we have come to announce that we can not exist effectively for the cause and consideration of our particulars and specifics. I view these things that bind us, be it race or religion or “retail value”, as distractions in our vision of what is undoubtedly before us. Because the truth is that WE exist. The truth is that WE are human. The truth is WE need a resurrection.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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