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A thought about “US”…

Who are “WE”?

Once we discover who is not just “here” for what comes with being “us” and realize that some people are in the room because it sounds good and it looks “correct” to be apart of a movement, then we can ascertain which individuals have particular skill sets and agendas that will/can address specific areas of need for us and we can START doing something about the REAL ISSUES facing our communities.

What it comes down to is realizing that the old jested colloquialism is true, “You may be my color, but you for sure ain’t my kind!”
There are way too many of us who aren’t seriously interested in doing anything about the issues that continue to wage war on our youth and as albatrosses wreak havoc on every aspect on any attempt that we have to thrive forward out of our current state. “We” are going through it but most -a very significant amount at least- are just going through the motions but yet enjoy the comfort and conveniences that court the company of identity that comes with championing “our” cause. And we must, for the sake of survival, change it. We must acknowledge them. Not just “notice” them, but acknowledge. They have to be identified for their sake as well as the intention of accountability. We must point out and perform a specific duty of arresting the criminal attitude of willful ignorance that loiters in our streets and in our shops because this mindset is prevalent in our churches and schools, and “chills” in our social settings, coming out of and returning into our homes each and everyday! This “mindset” has become a comfortable outfit worn to suit the appearance requirements and fit test of society’s minimum expectation policies. It has become “cool” and by that declaration has welcomed itself into the standard by which we are recognized.

And “WE” is the problem.

The problem is that “we” have an identity conflict. “WE” still don’t know who we are. And some of those that do know are not willing to accept the realities that are REAL and need be acknowledged in order to function in spite of. Then there are the “we” that do not want to know for fear of an unknown that knows no respecter of self as it pervasively clobbers self empowerment, love, or pride. “WE” do not “see” one another and because we don’t we cannot respect one another and because we do not respect one another we cannot trust one another and because we do not trust one another we will not allow ourselves to help or be helped by one another. And that is OUR problem! The problem is that we have different agendas but pretend to be for the same outcome for the sake of inclusion. And then, “we” get mad because “they” ain’t doin’ nuthin’ for “us”!
But “they” probably never said they wanted the best for “us”, “they” had an agenda that required our support not our assumptions.

That’s OUR fault for not knowing who “we” was.

But now WE are here,… We are at a place and time when and where EVERYONE & EVERYBODY else seem to be poised to position themselves for the next thing that becomes and all we can do is barely brace for impact. Either that or blame.



Today’s -see

YOU have to be what MOVES YOU, YOU have to be what DRIVES YOU. YOU will get “there” because YOU decide that “here” is not where YOU want to be anymore and if YOU stay in “YOUR” place it is because YOU made that choice. “They” may have a say but YOU are why YOU will make it!


Games, of love (Mind) [POEM]

I told you every lie you needed to hear in order for me to disappear,
I hid behind every time you closed your eyes hoping that a “maybe next time” would reappear,
I gave you hope that time would prove that time had found you gone, that what you had was not in fact but instead just something wrong,
I showed you love in deferent to sides so that you’d let love be, but gave you reason right to hate him so and wrong to not love me,
I threw away your gifts of care instead I hoarded fear, in stress I found your soul existent rumbled over near,
In darkness kept your smiles and laughs so that you’d cry them out, while toying with the pickled soul you’ve offered me to spout,
I gave you joys of pain and turned them to and fro,
escaping gaping holes of fear without a way to go,
Covered dreams in tastes of suit with candied coated shells,
But pit them on a plane to space and sunk them into wells
Fasted cries so slow that peace was nowhere near to find,
And yet I taught you nothing more than games within your mind…

©2012 CMFIII

Impulse [POEM]

Moments are meant for times like this,
When eyes remiss over blind eyed bliss,
When things we shouldn’t do find a time to enlist
every idea that accompanies our kiss,

Our bodies touch to agree that we might,
While our minds argue that our spirits are right,
Our fingers find crevices once impossible to excite
as our tongues tie knots in our imaginations light,

Excuses find reasons to escape in the dark,
We justify passion by pacing in parts,
Our scents intoxicate chased by the spark
Of a time such as this,
a safe place to start,

Pull me inside,
I’ve dreamed of such joy,
I’m warm and I’m willing,
A seamless enjoy,
I come with no carry,
I’ve eased into coy,
Just give me your heavy,
as things I employ,

Tonight is our given,
A moment of such,
This is no prison,
I’m free to be touch,
Just bring me unleavened,
and seize me at once
I won’t be forgiven,
If sudden I must…

©2013 CMFIII

Streets [POEM]

And no none was there when it happened
but the evil that circumstance captured
and all that could say to the statue
was too soon a memory left captioned

Their guns are no match for their lack
and so easily hunger they pack
they watch from their terrace of terror
for a victim to unknowingly snatch

A vitriol feeling towards merry
does instead give its way into fear
but as none can attest,
they are robbed of the nest,
and this violence is the lullaby cheer

They song and chant dance in the moment
as grass burns high to their treat
they swallow of potion forth yawning
while poisons and perish they eat

Who cry now reasons to save them
no prisoner calls back to be slain
for this a trap of such choosing
and nothing want more of the same

Their leather and trappings forewarned,
their leaders give reason to break
for this is their season to choice
and winter so soon is no make

But babies left standing in spring
are the spoils to a summer to come
the horns cry out to the coming,
run baby, run baby,
yes run.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers