Shouldn’t have… [POEM]

I take the chance every time that I meet somebody different
that I will be reminded of you and feel the need to rekindle
or at least consider that nothing was wrong and in fact just something missing
and then it gets me,

So I call to see how you are and surprisingly it’ll be me that just the other day you mentioned
and you were reflecting on my pension for giving you some sort of feeling
and of course I begin to remember,

And before we know better we decide that maybe we should have never ceased to be
because in the middle of it all we had great moments and times shared and you’re still important to me
plus the fact that I still remember how good you made me feel intimately
never mind the ups and downs of my spirit, the ins and outs of my psyche, or what I went through mentally,

And we are there again, familiar and comfortable and excited
both of us just as intoxicated as the other, ignited
no better understood than before, just lightened
for this time we carry no expectations, just heightened

And it feels good, at first, or just at that time
long enough for me to remember how you won’t forget that time
and as quickly as it restarted it’ll end because of that time
for the truth is that anything that we were, had died, at that time…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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