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Today’s -see

Are YOU living far above & beyond YOUR means but further beneath & behind YOUR potential? YOU owe it to YOURSELF to find a balance between the income YOU generate (for/from YOUR talent or work) and the outcome (that YOU get or give) from YOU operating below YOUR ability. If YOU don’t pass on it, YOUR passion IS quite possibly YOUR path out of poverty and into the privileges of prosperity. “Poor” is not a place, but a predicament.


Today’s -see

The right instruction(s) mean nothing if not given according to or in the proper direction(s). My “right” is not always YOUR “right”. If we are not going the same way, doing the same thing, or having the same/similar goal or destination in mind then the “same” suggestion can produce just as much as it prevents. What is ideal for YOU may just be an “idea” for someone else because YOU have a different road ahead of YOU; Find YOUR way, YOUR WAY!

Today’s -see

Make big mistakes
and take BIGGER chances,
Occupy YOUR youth with gambles
and risks,
try failure,
Go against the grain,
despite what convention tells YOU,
Ask stupid questions,
when and where YOU get chance to
succeed at this
and YOU will find YOUR answers,


You met a me that had no idea who I was and had myself been any the wiser or known any better I would have let you let it go before you let me know that you recognized me from a future that would someday become one I was likely to know…
Because now what’s done is done and you won’t believe a word I say outside of I was wrong and I’m too stubborn to relinquish the rights to my pain just long enough to understand that you got hurt helping me, and that what both of us did was done selfishly, and that means we have something else in common other than the denominator that equates to us taking drama up and down the escalator of nowhere…
It’s not fair that I get to express and explain while you only have to maintain some sense of dignity that sustains your credibility and reputation versus having to move on to someone else waiting or willing to be dealt the hand you decided would not give you a chance to beat me, love is a fixed game, you only win if you cheat me…
And so speaking for what we could have been/did/or had, I’ve been, did, and had and I will be/do/ and have again, so you again is just what it is and that goes for you as well, no telling if we will cooperate with destiny and definitely or be distracted and delay what is inevitable…
Right one, wrong too, so we belong sorted into boxes of oxymorons that are thrown into the mix of emotions I attempt to separate myself from when I run into my reflection and attempt to direct my self to express some sense of clarity or compassion towards asking the question…
Did it matter that I only mattered when it mattered to you? Or did it ever occur inside of your imagination that I was just as confused? Or were you blind to my imperfections because you only saw through to my being capable of being yours one day and so you were willing to look past my past hoping to past me off as something else other than someone good enough to settle for saying “I do” one day…
I do one day intend to stop long enough to start seriously considering the fact that I’ve backed myself into a corner that is far more comfortable than the warmest of regard that you could offer and so the coffers of my wellsprings only mean a damned thing to which I imply that I don’t apply a damn thing, according to you I was just a damn thing, you’ve dealt with more before, the truth is that I was yours before you said anything and then you went and said everything that messed that up…
I confess, the rest just sucked. You gave more reasons not to while doing the very thing and that looked like something else but was in fact a slight difference being that I never asked for it…
My bad for it being this way but this way you can blame me for the very thing that makes you want to be away while still being able to stay apart of my story to save face, …
It is only because of amazing grace that I have no faith in us, trust issues aside you just arrived at the wrong time and the truth be told, it was all lies, one way or another, my perspective or your opinion, neither convincing enough to argue for a continuance or a stay so it’ll be much easier if we just say good bye as opposed to good riddances and avoid any long drawn out sentences that we will probably commute anyway,
You know if I see your face,
Because the only reason to say no is death and I’ve got too much life left in me to be pretending that I don’t want you back, even if its just for that, sad,
Dear Habit, I got you bad.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Today’s -see

Far too often YOU can misinterpret the results of things/people and their effects/affects in and on YOUR life because YOU fail to recognize whether someone or something is actually inspiring, influencing, or just impressing YOU; It is very easy to be misled and misrepresented via becoming “subject to” or the “subject of” the powerful environments that YOU are exposed to at any given moment. What are YOU getting?

Move on, forward

It is ever so possible to sit in a place too long and by not taking advantage of the opportunity to maximize the moment instead missing such and finding that very place, which once held promise, began to overwhelm where it once understood your journey. If you fail to operate manually, what will happen, against your direction, will be the automatic shift of life that inevitably rolls along. Sure, as seasons and cycles do, the time will come where what was for you comes back but at that time, much after when could have been the best time to capitalize, you may have neither age, nor energy, nor strength to assume the role or readiness necessary to satisfy the desires of your being. So the charge is now, the direction is whichever way leads you to create the identity and definition that resonates with your soul structure. Where your faith and beliefs collide with your knowledge and imagination is the point of no return for you. Stop the debilitating deliberation that only delays the desires and doings of your heart. You are enough already, you have what you need and if to find that there was more then acquire it as you go but in motion and not stagnant or in pause of what could have been action. There is no limit nor limitation set upon you that is permanent until you confirm that it has dominion and power over your resolve and ability to overcome. Though we fight against the wind, just a turn delivers against into assistance. Fight for your sake, for the sake of not losing to not trying but because you moved when you were supposed to, because you didn’t give up.

-Cornelious “See” Flowers

My poetry

I find it ridiculous that one should edit or correct poetry which in itself is perfect because of its incorrectness and should not be subject to the established ideas and rules of a much maligned society that guards heavy the reliance on an educational system so egregiously opposite to the pureness of the heart that creates these atmospheres of words. There is no mutual agreement in the wars of such words for they are intended to represent feeling and feeling can not be corrected it can only be changed and by that it is a different thing altogether. I offer that you write your poetry and rest it assured in the confidence of your intentions or insecurities or inspirations or inhibitions. It is yours, yours to leave as stupid or surreal, as serious or serendipitous. Poetry is the explanation to our most awesome of questions and the answer to our most specific of query. It makes its sense on the backs of the illogical, the erratic, the loose-fitting, off-balanced, awkward, ridiculous, repulsive, dark, sensitive, and authentic reality. Poetry is the bystanders account intended to relay, for those who desire, a message of opinion powered to transcend the uniform, overcome the authoritative, strengthen the weak, empower the hopeless, discover the lost, or comfort the broken. Poetry, in its beauty, justifies the scars and hurts of scores that seek out its shelter in the darkest of hours, relaxing fears and doubts alike in the obliging arms of the humorous, colorful, sultry, truthful narratives of strangers or established pens that release with no rule or control but those self-imposed to protect the sanity of bringing forth what falls from the recesses of their individual capacities. Yes, poetry is the excuse and the exception, both to the rule and yet to the justification of its disregard. So no, you may not “correct” my poetry. You may interpret it as you shall, you can deem it as it delivers to you but it is mine, as I wrote it, and I won’t change it.


Today’s -see

Sometimes what YOU are “good at” is only good at denying, delaying, or distracting YOU from getting to YOUR true purpose; Doing what YOU have to do to get where YOU want to be is only going to matter if YOU discover who YOU truly are and engage YOURSELF into being that person for YOU. What YOU are “good at” might only be the catalyst to get YOU to what YOU will be “great at”! For YOUR real success, discover that, discover YOU!

Today’s -see

Someone is always going to assume as to YOUR position if YOU don’t assume YOUR position especially if the reason that YOU haven’t assumed the position is based on YOUR assumption that what someone assumes about YOU positions them to be able to determine the position that YOU should assume in the first place; By giving their assumption position of authority, YOU give them the authority to assume YOUR position!

Today’s -see

The effect that YOUR past has on YOU causes the affect that YOU have on YOUR future; YOU may or may not have realized how important YOU are yet but time is passing and YOU might be failing to achieve based on something, somewhere, or someone that “happened”. It’s over, done, YOU can not change “it” but YOU can stop the changes that are result of it by taking charge of YOUR now and advantage of YOUR what’s to come.