Note to Self

It is a very comfortable thing to depend on GOD to change YOUR situation;
I dare YOU to rely on YOURSELF, to change things because YOU want something else, because YOU can’t tolerate YOUR mess anymore, because YOU are not comfortable and YOU want better, for YOURSELF, for those who depend on YOU.
I dare YOU to put as much trust in YOURSELF as YOU do in GOD or “the devil” that YOU blame or hold accountable for YOUR lack, insufficiency, issues, or habitual mediocrity.
I dare YOU to step out of YOUR comfort or familiar zone(s) and stretch YOUR wants, YOUR works, and YOUR words outside of YOUR normal “ways” into a willingness to do the “whatever it takes” that it takes to turn YOU and/or YOUR life around.
I dare YOU to start saying words that mean more than what they “sound like” and use YOUR power to communicate to shift the atmospheres and attitudes around YOU for the sake of being certain that there is always a voice present that is exemplifying the power and presence of possibility.
I dare YOU to stop doing what YOU need to stop doing because YOU have decided that it is time to stop doing it, because YOU recognize that doing whatever it is only further frustrates or fractures the foundation of who YOU are, who others see YOU as, and it only holds YOU hostage to who YOU no longer want to be.
I dare YOU to blame YOURSELF for being where YOU are, with who YOU are with, doing what YOU are doing, instead of considering it being just a part of the process that is out of YOUR control.
I dare YOU to walk away, to let go, to stop, to “no longer”, to end, anything that is unhealthy and disruptive to the promise of what YOU could do if YOU just tried to do it; I dare YOU to start, continue, maintain, remember, stay focused, commit, everything that has to do with YOU bettering YOU and YOUR life/lifestyle for YOU.
I dare YOU to trust YOURSELF by being honest, by being vulnerable, by being consistent, by being faithful, by being positive, all to YOU first and to YOU most importantly because YOU are all YOU truly have.
I dare YOU to stop thinking or talking about whatever it is that YOU need to be doing and instead do what needs to be done, what YOU need to be doing, regardless of what has been done to YOU or what YOU have done to this point.
I dare YOU to take responsibility first, then the required action that is necessary to fulfill that responsibility and then to obligate YOURSELF to YOUR responsibilities as a YOUR only response.
I dare YOU to believe in YOURSELF and the power within YOURSELF to be powerful enough to create the mind, the body, the business ,the brand, the relationship(s), the home, the lifestyle, the environments, the present, the future, the legacy, the example, the character, the discipline, courage, the strength, the passion, the product, the career, the life, the love, the peace, THE PEACE, and/or everything and anything else that YOU decide or desire to!
I dare YOU to face YOURSELF in the mirror and to make an un-breakable promise to the person that YOU see there to not let them down anymore, to not let that person, that YOU see in the mirror, suffer one more second in the mediocrity or mess of maintaining a history of the “hell” that YOU have to this point.
I dare YOU to know that if YOU do it, it can and will be done.
I dare YOU to trust YOURSELF to do it. I dare YOU to start right now.

(Note to myself this morning)


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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