Open… [POEM]


There’s a difference
between air-bending
and pretending
between being
and sending
the wrong message
pending interpretation
ain’t the same as waiting
for something to just happen
facing ain’t the same
as dealing
and dying ain’t the same
as being killed
so I’m filled with questions
suggestions to my integrity
because I let it be
didn’t fight
when I was supposed to
shame and rejection
that I felt
prevented me
from exposing you
so I was exposed too
looked like the evil
that controlled you
and kept it all a secret
because I was told to
bended all the way
now you want me to fold too
no chance
no deal
cancel Christmas
which is really what you did
cancelled Christmases
with your wickedness
and I’ve been getting the gift
being a victim
wrapped and ripped
believing that this
was all I could get
and more preposterous,
but now I know the difference
between you and me
and I get to release…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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