“Posts” [POEM]

it is hard-er
to press the like button
than it is
to feel
than the thought
of being able to do
what was posted
and then
I have to consider
the source
then force myself
to not realize
that what you uploaded
is not
what you’ve been down for
just words, and quotes,
and not your experience
meant to
make me feel
some type of way
or guilt
just a host
for your outer body
but not necessarily
your experience
and the reason
it seems
as if you’re talking about me
is the same reason
that horoscopes tend
to be true
or talking about you
even broken clocks
are right twice a day
and sure as for certain
when the time is right
they will have something
to say
having the right
and so your words
are fine

it’s just hard
to press comment
and say something nice
you should
take your own
follow your own dream,
share in the responsibility
of the price
that must be paid
to say
things that require
and the problem is
not the words you’ve found
but the loss
of “did as I did”
as opposed to
“did as I said”
and it is what it is
that is
not what I read

it is difficult
to pretend
that we are friends
but just a button press away
from being hidden
blocked and removed
because we don’t agree
or because
you know
that I know
that you are
no more important
than me.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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