Her idea… [POEM]

she wants
to say I’m wrong,
I let her
she needs
a whole lot of correction before she becomes
bet her momma
didn’t tell her that
tell her facts
instead of history
mistakes did the talking
instead of the listening
say I’m not reputable
she don’t know any difference
between accurate
and credible
their different
like me
and the other man
she mentions
my name to
or masturbation
are the same two
someone who knows
and won’t let her take
of the situation
that she enjoys
in conversations
about why she is
or isn’t
to develop,
premature ejaculation
can get you just as pregnant
but desperate
no respite
from wretchedness
no escape
or excuse
for estrogen

she wants me to be
the urban myth
the spectacle
the gift
but she has no idea
what Coretta had to deal with
greatness has an appetite
and great is the tolerance
that she
must be
filled with
despite proclivities
or realness
what I’m full of
real shit
extravagant means
but still thrift
accommodating the fantasy
that she has
lived with

she wants us
to be
even if it so happens
that we have to make it
letting nature
take its chance

I call it role play
she calls it romance


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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