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Merry Christmas… [POEM]

Trees and tinsel
lights and bells
ribbon and wreath,
garland of Noel

Song and spirit
chorus of glee
presents and presence,
the giving of these

Wants and wishes
service and kind
faith and merry,
a melodic chime

Feast and festival
’round of way
as family gathers,
on such as today

Gifts and givings
toys and time
these all out of love,
no matter the size

Care and compassion
peace and sincere
a moment to reflect,
on what truly is cheer

Joy and jubilance
grateful and known
in the spirit of Christmas,
I pray these all are shown…


The greatest gift of all is love. I pray today that you are filled, surrounded, and guided by an abundance of love. That you are well in the bounty of loved ones and afforded the love that is safe, that is secure, that is significant, to and for you. I wish love into and unto your lives. I celebrate with you in the spirit of loving kindness and generosity and charity, in the warmth and energy of what the power of love is capable and able to do for us all.

Whether you celebrate traditionally today as Christmas or this season as hanukkah, or Kwanza, whether you observe some other religious or cultural custom, or even if you just participate in the commercial aspect of this season via commerce, or if you just partake in the indulgence(s) of food and drink, party and fellowship with family and friends, I want to wish you a wonderful and whimsical time! I hope that you delight in the treat of being present in the company of those that you love, and those that love you. I hope that the music and sounds, and the feel, the aromas, the sights and surprises all give you joy and contentment that overwhelms your spirit and mind, giving you peace and tranquility in this moment. I pray that it lasts. I pray that you are in the embrace of wonderment and satisfaction, to the surety and certainty of your true needs.

I hope that you are confident in whatever your good fortune and ever mindful of those less fortunate. The greatest of all treasures is surely love and love is valued by service. The best gift is the ability to give. I hope that today you are able to give of yourself, words or works, talent or time, money or mercy. If you can give the gift of inspiration, do so. If you can lend a helping hand, oblige yourself of such and benefit from the amazing fulfillment that accompanies being able to provide for others. It is sometimes suggested that we go out and buy things to honor and justify our wealth or richness, or our success, or quite simply, our “love” for others but the greatest gift of love is made of intangibles that money can not buy; The gifts of: Forgiveness, Trust, Belief, Reverence, Faith, Hope, Peace, and such. It is more than just platitude to recite the adage, “… Money can’t buy love”, it is true and definite. Your greatest treasure comes out of the abundance of your heart and your heart is made in plenty supply of these things by virtue of being filled with these very things.

I hope tis the season you find full of love. I hope your heart is nested in the fullness of love. I hope that you are made whole and made at peace by love. I pray that you love whatever toy or trinket you were able to give or receive. I pray that you are exposed to the intimacy and incredibleness of what being able to give and receive truly means. I pray, want, and hope that, as the song says, “… This Christmas will be, a very special Christmas…”, for you and for me.





Every wound that I have suffered came at a cost greater than you could ever know. These are my scars, I’ve paid for them, I own them, they belong to me. They tell my story, they show my past, they are proof that I made it over the mountains and through the storms and beyond the obstacles that came upon me. The noise I make now was once a silence that hid me in the corners and darknesses of my despair. The smile and laughter that accompany my joy in these moments was developed on the not so funny stages that witnessed me, at my worst, but exposed for all to see, share all that I ever was with people who never really understood. My strength, my strength, well my strength comes from a GOD that, in my weakness, made me whole. He allowed me in. He acknowledged and accepted me for everything I had and had been. He saw past it and through me until I saw inside of myself, Him.
So yes I have scars, big ones. Ugly ones. Scars with dark stories and forbidden secrets. Scars with truths that I will never be able to share outside of myself. Yet I am here. And I know who I am. And I am proud of me. Scars and all.


Today’s -see 12/19

If GOD gives YOU a place of refuge and revelation know that anything contrary to that is in effect a “wilderness” from the peace and promise of what He has designated for YOU! If GOD has sent YOU forth or opened up an opportunity that is provision and promotion for YOU, going back to YOUR “familiar” and formerly comfortable is actually YOU going into the wilderness! Yes, that is right, going “home” can be YOUR wilderness. Going back to those old friends, going back to that old relationship, going back to that former mindset and routine that seemingly keeps YOU safe, secure, or significant (by virtue of YOU settling for far less than YOU deserve or demand) is actually a wilderness from the promise that has been prepared specifically for YOUR true needs, wants, and desires!
Mom and Dad, brother and sister, cousin and comrade, family or friend, yes, all of them, the old neighborhood, the old job, the old mindset, the old moves, the old hustle, the old words, the old feelings, the old “safe” places, every last person, place, or thing that is contrary to the new order and/or position aligned and affirmed to YOU is a wilderness! YOU are “stressed out” because YOU won’t “stretch out”! Because YOU won’t leave. Because YOU won’t walk away. Because YOU won’t trust outside of YOURSELF for the simple fact that YOU don’t trust inside of YOURSELF. Because YOU don’t trust YOU! YOU don’t believe in YOURSELF because YOU don’t believe YOURSELF! YOU are in a silent place because YOU have refused to hear past the pain. YOU can’t “let go” because YOU won’t let “go” happen. YOU are trapped and stuck by YOUR own snare and noose. There is a chain, figurative or proverbial, but it is anchored only in the cement of YOUR mind. If YOU were to just step outside of what YOU believe YOUR limits are YOU will limit the ability of whatever or whoever YOU think is holding or controlling YOU. Most constraints rely on us restraining ourselves! The “devil” that succeeds at imploring or inspiring us most often does so opportunistically as an immediate result of our own failure to be inspired or implored appropriately towards our own good and best interest.
And it is a wilderness that awaits YOU outside of where YOU should/could be or what YOU should/could be doing or what YOU should/could be experiencing if YOU would just be observant and then obedient to what has been ordered (ordained) for YOU! YOU do not deserve to suffer! YOU do not deserve to sit outside in the cold reality of lack while a fantasy of abundance dances itself right outside YOUR grasp. NO! YOU are not the “least” of them, or the “worst” of them, or the “not” of them. YOU ARE THE MOST, YOU ARE THE BEST, and YOU ARE SO… and A YES!
Just come out of the wilderness. Most of us, as we are mired in the midst of our wilderness season(s), prolonged or pretended, exist with a physical or psychological blindness and resolution to trusting of a fatalistic idea of “by default” mentality that allows our mediocrity to survive. So we pray to the midnight GOD for the midnight breakthrough, for the midnight blessing, for the midnight testimony. And we wonder why people don’t reflect or represent the power of the “ALL THE TIME” GOD we are certain and constantly aware of! What example are we giving?
What do YOU expect?

Right outside of YOUR comfort zone, just a faith step outside of YOUR issues, YOUR worries, YOUR problems, YOUR history, YOUR story (thus far), just a deliberate action away from YOUR current “situation” is where YOU can be situated! YOU are in a wilderness and have been there far too long. YOU have probably made a zoo of YOUR wilderness and if YOU have mastered the process of returning to these particular situations and habits then YOU have probably made a “petting” zoo of YOUR wilderness. YOU are far too comfortable there and it is time for YOU to grow and mature into something else, somewhere else!
Then YOU can make that former place a reminder, a reference point, a “field trip” YOU take others on to educate them about what lives/lived there!

Because YOU are tired of just existing. Because YOU are tired of “just enough”. Because YOU are fed up with almost having, almost getting, and almost making it. Because YOU know in YOURSELF that YOU can be okay. YOU feel it. YOU think about it. YOU imagine it. YOU want it.

It’s time to leave the wilderness and GO GET IT!


Today’s -see 12/18

Faith is NOT the opposite of fear. Courage is the opposite of fear. Fearlessness is the opposite of fear. Faith only empowers either YOU choose. Faith is the drive that enables whichever or whatever YOU decide to believe or believe in. If YOU are afraid, faith emphasizes that fear. If YOU decide to just accept, faith acknowledges that compliance. If YOU set out to overcome, overthrow, or overwhelm, then faith begins, maintains, and drives those processes. Faith is YOUR insurance that YOU are ensured through the assurance of YOU being able and capable through the characteristics, habits, and actions toward whatever it is that YOU have “faith” in, positive or to the contrary of YOUR ambition(s). YOUR faith is the thermostat that controls the temperature of the who, what, when, where, and why that YOU are.
Fear or Fearlessness are the “deciding” factors in the process, Faith is the “determining” factor as to whether or not YOU succeed or fail at whatever YOUR process is.




Sometimes it is not your truth that they can’t handle, it’s their own lies;
Some people are only in your life because they believe that they can change you into what they want you to be. They may even go as far as changing themselves temporarily to fit in the space that grants them access to you, hoping that you will let your guard down and become who or what they see as “best” for you (for them).
And some will do this in the name of love. They will confuse and attempt to fool you with the comfort and conveniences of your trust, of your past, of your feelings, and of your emotions. And you will probably fall for it for as long as it takes for you to realize that you don’t owe anyone the sacrifice of your happiness and peace for the satisfaction of their presence. That is not consideration, that is control, and you don’t deserve anyone or anything like that, ever.




There is a fire inside of you. There is a passion that burns with intensity and desire inside of you. There is something waiting to be ignited and set ablaze in your mind, in your heart, and in your spirit. You can feel it. You have been feeling it for some time now. You are ready to burn. You are ready to catch the right flicker of momentum and turn that spark into an inferno that fans outwardly toward your goals, dreams, and destiny. You are ready to erupt.
Well, this is the accelerant, this message is going to serve as the match that lights the candle, that lights the fireplace, that lights the forest…
And know that the only one who can put the fire out is YOU! Maybe that’s what you’ve been doing all long, dousing your own flames. Well STOP THAT, and stop inviting people -who have nothing to add to your fire- into YOUR furnace. They’re smothering it. Their pouring water on it. They are stomping it out. It is time for you to burn! BURN!


Today’s -see 12/12

YOU are definitely worth someone giving YOU their all. YOU deserve that. YOU are entitled to it. It is YOUR right and a completely natural component of YOUR process. It makes sense. There is nothing wrong with it;
Someone else’s “all” is not YOUR “all” though. YOUR values, standards, and expectations are completely different from someone else’s and what YOU may perceive as the minimal given may in fact and truth be their maximum output! Their “above & beyond” could be YOUR “least that could be done”. What is most important to YOU could be of the least concern to them, not out of deference to YOU but because they are just different from YOU. But what is an obstacle in some cases is an opportunity in others. YOU get to decide which is which for YOU. YOU are not wrong for moving on with it (them) or moving on from it (them).



Today’s -see 12/11

YOUR feelings deserve acknowledgement and consideration. YOUR feelings require recognition and respect. YOUR feelings demand to be stimulated and situated in the comfort and confidence of structure. YOUR feelings are entitled to safety, security, and significance.
YOUR feelings matter and mean something…

No one else has to honor or deal with your feelings the way you have to honor and deal with YOUR FEELINGS. YOU have to make YOU the priority and YOU have to position yourself in a way that guarantees you and your feelings the proper environments, atmospheres, and relationships to maximize the outstanding capabilities and sensations that are the ability to “feel”.
YOU have to set the boundaries and thresholds, standards and expectations, limits and restrictions, that guide and guard YOU and YOUR feelings into health and and away from harm. You have to do that, YOU MUST DO THAT, and NO ONE can do it for you. But if you do these things FOR YOURSELF, no one else can do anything TO YOU that damages you beyond reproach or repair. You will be free to exist, express, and excel in the example of authentic and pure self-love, self-awareness, and self-expression that allows you to be whatever or whomever you choose to be for others. YOU GET TO MAKE THAT CHOICE! Once you choose YOU, you can do, be, and become whatever YOU choose!