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Today’s -see 12/10

Don’t ever make YOUR survival or YOUR success about anyone other than YOU!
It sounds wonderful to say that you are doing what you are doing for the family, for the children, for the block, for the hood, or for whatever or whoever else you have given the power of significance in YOUR life but the truth is that if YOU aren’t okay and straight, you won’t be able to get any of “them” okay or straight!
Once you have YOU in order you can get them in order, but the bar is set with you. Love, Trust, Character, Hustle, Pride, Responsibility, Growth…, all that stuff happens for you when YOU do what YOU are supposed to do! Then you’ve earned the ability to do it “for” them!



Masks and Disguises

Never let what you think you see in or from other people distract you from doing or being yourself. The thing about a mask or disguise is that they do exactly what they are supposed to, they mask and disguise what is behind them! STOP the feelings and thoughts of inadequacy that have been generated by your assumptions and perceptions of other people and their lives. Stop thinking that because he or she has “this or that” that they are better off or in a better place than you. There are millionaires and billionaires, famous and popular people, who are distraught, devastated, and desperate for what you have, the anonymity that grants you the access to the appropriate success, the ability to achieve peace of mind. Don’t let these posts and pictures convince you that you aren’t where you are supposed to be because your time feed is bombarded with these illustrious images and instances of incredibleness! Stop it! You are okay right where you are!

Often we are deceived into believing that we don’t measure up or that we have “messed up” too bad or so bad that we are beyond the ability to secure the normalcy that is available and supposed to be our routine. So we then acquire a consciousness that perpetuates a disastrous regimen and habitual behavior that reflects not the forwardness of our faith but rather the fictions of our falls. You don’t deserve debt, you don’t deserve loneliness, you don’t deserve alienation, you don’t deserve un-forgiveness, you don’t deserve pain, you don’t deserve to be ridiculed or mocked for your individuality, you don’t deserve lack, you don’t deserve failure, you don’t deserve to be underestimated, second-guessed, or doubted. You don’t deserve to be subjected to the unscrupulous attitudes or behavior that accompanies the result of having to deal with powers or systems that don’t fairly consider you specifically as opposed to the fact that they group, categorize, and stereotype based on perceptions, traditions, or assumptions. YOU DESERVE A CHANCE! YOU DESERVE AN OPPORTUNITY! YOU DESERVE TO LIVE!

So you have to pick yourself up. Okay, it’s understandable. You’ve made some mistakes, missed out on some opportunities, messed up some chances, messed over some people. Sure you did. You’ve made some choices that stole away some time. You have hurt some people. Some of those people aren’t coming back. Some of those chances are gone. That time is lost. You can never change the facts of what has already happened.


Now is something else. You are someone else. Who you were or may have been once upon a time can truly be once upon a time and more importantly can serve to establish the character and credibility that gives you the confidence to be consistent in whatever transition or transformation is conducive to you being comfortable with this:
There is no one like you. Your story is your story and it should be told. You would be surprised to discover that the people who you are watching, those very ones you don’t think notice you, are very much tuned into EVERYTHING that you have going on. They are amazed and astonished as they witness your resilience and ridiculous reservoir of “REALNESS”. They see you. You believe them but they BELIEVE IN you! They are waiting on you. You are waiting on you.

Their mask and disguise is covering up the very insecurities and hurts, pains and past that you have, that you have hidden, that you once held on to. You’ve been dealing with that for some time, it has been dealt with. They have a process to go through now. You’ve made that step, you’ve learned those lessons, it is time to graduate. Your mask and disguise has been removed. It is time to show yourself.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Independent… [POEM]

Will they
get for me
for get me
no space
to figure it out
I have to live,
I have to survive
the optimist
the options
develop a posture
and prosper
in spite of it
in light of
the obstacle is
what was done
to me
it is profit
lost souls
that gain worlds
hurl into
walls and ceilings
feelings of nothingness
the next level
of vulnerability
leave marks…

So either they
got for you
for got you
no room


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Sell that sh*t …

I’m going to give you some of the realest advice that you will ever get:

Look around. Look at the money. Look at the trends. Look at what’s popular. Look at what is fashionable. Look at what is valued. Look at what is recognized. Look at what is respected. Look at what is desired. Look at what is “hot” right now.

The past. Old sh*t. They are making a killing on old sh*t. That’s my advice, make the past work for you. Make YOUR PAST WORK FOR YOU! Make what you’ve gone through, endured, settled-for, lived… Make that sh*t popular. Brand it. SPEAK IT! Profit from it. Be your own vintage. Rock your own “retro”. “Kill ’em” with how you survived. Tell YOUR story. SELL your story. STOP FOLLOWING where YOU SHOULD BE LEADING! Stop listening where YOU SHOULD BE TALKING! Stop thinking, START DOING! YOU have earned YOU, so live that sh*t. SAY that sh*t! BE THAT SH*T!

(Pardon my language but I can not censor my feelings, thoughts, and/or words any longer on this subject; Sometimes in order to find out what is right or wrong, you have to just DO, right or wrong.)

I’ve been hurt more by “good” people and helped more by the “bad” influences. I’ve received less judgement from the “hood niggaz” than I have from the “high priest” of our society. I’ve been acknowledged by them all but those who have outwardly, boldly, and consistently “accepted” me have been those who are not “accepted”. The calls and emails or messages I get constantly to return to the stage or to continue my encouraging words or to stay on my journey are more from people that you’d never expect or assume to have such an appetite for standards, morals, or spiritual guidance. But they do and they recognize the authenticity of who you are. My dad once told me that I couldn’t “bullsh*t a bullsh*tter”. I get it now. You can’t bullsh*t the streets. You can’t bullsh*t humanity. You can’t bullsh*t the ones that have always had “bullsh*t” to deal with. They see it, they’ve heard it. They know how it feels. Religion can’t bullsh*t spirituality. Period.

But hey, that’s my issue, this note is about my advice to you. And my advice to you is my advice to me today, LIVE! Figure it out by FIGURING IT OUT! Learn the way that you should have went by going one way or another. Trust the process. Trust that the process was sufficient. Trust. Yes, TRUST! TRUST YOU! By trusting yourself you can begin to identify, recognize, understand, face, and forgive YOURSELF! Then you will be able to do that to and for others. For you. Then by your example you will live and lead the example that will infect and affect those around you for the better. I believe that “right” will prevail once “right” is revealed. It’s not all “right” though. Everything that we have been told/shown has not been nor is it “right”. Some of it has been what was “best” for whomever thought it best to use it to manipulate, control, oppress, limit, hinder, distract, detour, and/or profit off of those whom had to suffer the subjection to such ideological “right”.

The avenue, the platform, the access, the medium, and the resources are all available and primed for the advantage of being utilized for good of doing the right thing. It is time for YOU to do what is “right”, no bullsh*t. You are right, YOU ARE NEEDED, YOU ARE NECESSARY! There is a market for YOU! By being exposed, by exposing YOURSELF, you will discover what is right, what is good. You know what you know and you only know more by learning. You learn by experience. You gain experience through exercise. Your exercise is your example. Sometimes the best example for you is the one you set. And that’s the one that you can sell! Someone needs to see it. Someone is buying someone else’s past because they haven’t bought into their own and that is because you aren’t selling yours!

Put that sh*t out! Get that sh*t out of YOU!


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Rest in PEACE… #NelsonMandela

Nothing about President Mandela’s life is/was a “loss”, even as he leaves this realm we GAIN the experience of remembering and honoring his legacy, his vision, his presence. Death shall surely greet the door of every man, but some will be able to open that door proudly, to a welcoming ovation and embrace in the light of who they were, what they did, who they helped, all while being ushered from this place comforted and supported, loved and cherished by throngs and legions of those whom recognized who they were.
Rest in Peace, true peace, authentic peace Sir, King, Father… Rest on the hearts and minds of those that love you, rest in the peace of a spirit and light that illuminates from the power that lived in you, that lives on of you, the power that will be carried about this earth because of you.
You won’t just be missed, you will be mentioned, you will be mimicked, you will be martyred, you will be made known by those that already know to those who have no idea or inkling yet.
Well done, a life WELL DONE!



Nelson Mandela [POEM]

Your captivity set us free
Your “peace” made us see
You, that gave us release
You, that gave us belief

You stood for us our stance
inherent right to take chance
in your shadows we glance
beyond limits we advance

A smile that yet wavered
of a strength so enabled
of a message so abled
to bring all of many to table

And in this memory we enter
the winter of such December
as your legacy left to render
the hope that we remember

We will never forget,
Rest in PEACE Nelson Mandela