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Rest in Peace, Dr. Maya Angelou

If you were ever able to be in the same room as Maya Angelou, then you’d know what I mean when I say this…

There is a presence that has left this room of the living. When that angel entered the room, you knew. You felt it. Even before she opened her lips, even to whisper. Before she cracked a smile. Before those eyes creased to acknowledge the joy that was in her for the love of inspiring and inviting others. Before she spoke any word.

Her energy filled every crack and crevice of the space. You heard her history before you heard her hymn or her heart song. You heard it in her silence. It was loud in her softest movement. She embodied grace and elegance. She carefully reflected strength and beauty. Her regality and tone put to bed the question of who or why or where. She was a now presence. She was a visible example of power.

She was knowledge beyond knowing, and yet still curious. She was thirsty for the answer but yet filled to a brim with so many of them. She was profound and deliberate and so innocently passionate. She was gentle but sturdy. She was phenomenal. A PHENOMENAL WOMAN indeed.

Today is a sad day. Sure we can speak of the joy for her transitioning because she is now beyond pain or hurt or worry, but Maya Angelou has died. The caged bird is a different kind of free. And we should be a little sad about that. We get to be a little sad about that. I’m definitely a little sad about it.

Maya Angelou was one of our most gifted treasures. She was a spokesman for and to, us. She was our Big Momma and our big sister and our bride and our best friend. Then she was our corrector, our consoler, our comforter. She was our nurturer, she was our guide. She was our shining light. She was our bright star.

She was our nurse. And yes, she was our Doctor.

What an amazing life to have been lived.

Rest in Peace, Madame, Queen, Dr. Maya Angelou…

From us all.




Don’t be so hard on YOU… [POEM]

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Today’s lenders, yesterday’s borrowers
This mornings leaders, yesterday’s followers

Those who judge and legislate now,
surely fell certain to mistake once ago
Those who teach and profess in the present
once surely did not know

He that is expert in such field of expertise
that was him that came as novice
‘Till he learned and grew and learned so more
a now success was then a promise

A “greatest” mother was just once a daughter
A doting father, just a rebellious son
Had failure not been a certain option,
neither victories could have been won

A realized dream was a crazy thought
a best friendship, once bickering foes
A depth not measured by the mountainous highs,
instead characterized by torturous lows

The rich we’re once poor
the haves, not always so
solutions used to be problems
stop, became of go

So stop, my child, and play
learn brilliance from your bruising
give time a chance to welcome you
let experiment be of your choosing

Feel first the fire of temptation
let rage the rain of your will
quit not because of any limitation
remember that life is yet life, still…

and remember…

Today’s lenders where yesterday’s borrowers
This mornings leaders, yesterday’s followers!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Whose on your sideline?

Whose on your sideline?

The other day I got a message from a friend that read:

You’re going to be fine. I’ll watch you from the sidelines.

I stared at those words intently. I thought about what they might mean. I supposed what they might possibly suggest. But, I wondered what this friend was specifically implying.

And then I thought about Bear Bryant, the great football coach at the University of Alabama. The image of Bear Bryant on the sidelines with his rolled up game plan in hand kind of gave me a great hope that this is what this friend meant by saying, “I’ll watch you from the sidelines.” Maybe the expression was intended to allow me to be given the idea that this friend was on my sidelines as a great coach, motivator, pusher, or coordinator of ideas, a mentor, a guide, an instructor, a teacher, a facilitator, a hall of fame presence there to lead me to victory!

Then I thought about the fans way off in the nosebleed seats. And the hot dog vendor. And the coaching staff. The linesmen. The medical staff. The water boys. The cheerleaders. The security team. The special guest.

Then I thought about the teammates who are on the sidelines, waiting to get in the game. The ones on the bench. The red shirts.

And then I reconsidered what my friends message could have meant. And I asked myself this question:

Whose on your sideline?

The biggest lie that I have ever told was telling myself or anyone else that I was “fine”, at times. Even though in those moments I was really struggling and depressed or even desperate. Some of those times I was in great pain and angst, filled with anxiety and stress. But I said, “I’m fine”. Maybe it’s the whole “strong black man” thing. Or part pride and part fear. Or the reality that saying anything other than “I’m fine” rarely produced much of anything different from whatever distress or frustration there was. Opening up myself to revealing my issues only opened the can of inquisition into my issues. It just put people in my business. Didn’t change much of my immediate situation, it just added the speculation and commentary of the critics and know-it-alls that felt obliged to crucify my lack of being able to handle or navigate my own mess into maturity and resolution.

So if I said that I wasn’t fine, the best I often got was a question of why not. And that’s where the real problem came.

Whenever I opened my mouth about my problems, and I began to express my opinions and perspective on how I interpret or intake whatever my journey is or has been, you know what people ALWAYS say to me:

Oh, you’re going to be fine!

As if from my answer they receive that I’ve got a clue! That somehow in my mess I’ve got the message and my trial is just a temporary setback, a hiccup along the road to my success. A hiccup that I’ll work through and eventually overcome. A hiccup that is just a minor condition, easily remedied by a sip of water or less, a gentle scare that may startle this discomfort from myself.

But the sentiment is always, “You’re going to be fine”.

And I believe it. That I’ll be fine. So even when I’m not, I can say it with a deep and sincere conviction because I believe that I will eventually be. And that is confirmed by the great crowd of witnesses and well-wishers that seem to concur with my idealistic and ambitious, yet misleading truth of some moments where I was not at all “fine”, but in no other way willing to state or admit otherwise.

Like the other day when I read those words:

You’ll be fine. I’ll watch you from the sidelines.

Well, those words got me to thinking, and so I decided that it was time to organize and in some cases, recognize, just who is on my sideline.

Some people are coaches. Coaches do a lot of very important things. Coaches are the leadership, the guides. Coaches are the accountable individuals that prepare and plan, in conjunction with your talent and skill set, what the game plan to victory is. Coaches are also mentors and role models that stand in the gap of where parents or guardians may have been absent. Coaches are also the confidants and companions that you trust with your most ambitious of aspirations as well as your weakest of insecurity. A great coach will take even a mediocre talent and produce a championship caliber performance. Great coaches have experience and expertise that is renowned and valuable and with a great coach, so many wonderful possibilities are sure to be realized.

Some people are part of the coaching staff, assistant coaches. They have some power. They know some things. They have a title. But they are not the head coach. They don’t have a final say. They are middle men who are responsible for articulating the coaches orders and commands in a manner that is reasonable to get you to make the proper adjustment or choice. They are specialists in certain or particular fields but they maybe don’t have the experience, network, or connections, that are certain of a big time coach. There are up-and-coming, and longtime assistants.

Some people are linesman. Referees. They are there to maintain order and structure while you play. They maintain the integrity of the rules or of the contest. The linesman are experts at studying the intrinsic nature and nuances of the game in order to better facilitate an environment that stabilizes and regulates the consistent flow of activity. These people are the checks and balances. They have a great deal of responsibility, that sometimes we interpret as power. But it is a responsibility, delegated to them by a larger body (power) in order to maintain the character and reputation of fairness. Our complaints to the linesmen or referees in our life will sometimes influence their decision but most often are just entertained noise due to their having to play by a much larger and broader set of rule and organization.

Some people are their on business. Their job, which has nothing to do with you, has them their on your sideline. From a hotdog vendor to the medical training staff, these people are there to work. Your job is there job! The reason they are there is for you but not about you. They’ll do what they are doing with just as much enthusiasm and involvement whether you are there or not. No matter who is in your position. They are there for the benefit of whatever you benefit. They might have on your colors, your jersey, your number. They might know your name. You might be very comfortable and affiliated with them. You have a relationship with them, oftentimes one much stronger than some might expect. But they are there to work. You are work for them. Nothing personal.

Some people are cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are very tricky. The thing about a cheerleader is that they are rooting for you. They are specifically positioned and particular to your cause. The cheerleaders are uniform with your mission and goal. The cheerleaders are consistent and thorough. The cheerleaders are adamantly supportive and dependable. The cheerleaders are faithful and vocal and wildly active in your pursuit towards greatness. They are at games and practice. The cheerleaders completely embody what support should looks and feel like but the fact is that cheerleading is a role. It is a job just like the staff. Those people are professional fanatics. They root for the cause, not because of you. You get the benefit of them because you are apart of a much larger team that employs them! Cheerleading is a career choice. You are a product that cheerleaders sell!

Some people on the sideline are actually on the team. They are just not in the game. Maybe their position isn’t in play right now. Maybe they are a role player, opener or closer. Maybe they are a designated hitter, or utilized best in a certain time frame. Maybe they are rookies or vets, there because they are earning or have earned their spot. Sometimes they are there because they are on the team but are sidelined due to injury or transition. There is also the player that is there that is waiting on you to come out, get injured, traded, or retire. Those people are just like you, can immediately and currently identify with what’s going on. But at any given moment are ready, willing, and able, to replace you! Don’t you forget that.

Some people are just fans. Whether they paid for a seat, court side or nosebleed, or were comped a free ticket as a guest, or are there as a part of a deal or promotion that just needs bodies in the stands. They are fans. They are support. Avid, sometimes fanatical. They influence the bigger picture and to a great extent are what everyone is in the game for, but they are fans. Some people allow “fans” to be their great motivation and drive. Some people rely on the rants, chants and screams, of fans, to dictate the intensity of their performance. They allow the fans visible show of admiration or disdain to be the great catalyst to determining their own level of dedication or motive towards the goal. Especially if the “player” is in the game for money or fame, thereby guaranteeing that “playing to” a fan is more likely than playing for the coach. The fans have on your gear, they scream your name, they follow your career. But they are just fans. You are their favorite until you’re not.

And there are others on the sideline, like the media, the corporate folks, the celebrity/special guests, and others. Everybody there for their own reasoning.

And so after I read the text I began to attempt to identify the roles of the people on my sidelines. Because in that quick moment I realized that I had been expecting coaching moves from my fan base. I had mistakingly confused some of the cheerleaders for teammates and some of the hot dog vendors for fans. I’d been expecting some of the business people to do media relations and I had allow some of the medical staff to operate like celebrities or special guests, meaning they had a job to do, instead I gave them perks and special privileges!

And I realized that some people are just there to cheer me on. They aren’t supposed to invest or lead me in a particular direction. They aren’t supposed to identify with my training or experience. They aren’t there to “understand” me or my story or how hard I struggled or continue to struggle to maintain. They are just there to root for me. And they don’t even have to buy tickets to do it. They get to do it at their leisure. They get to do it at their discretion, and maybe at my expense!

But they are all in the same place, on the sideline.

You’ve chosen to play. You are in the game. You are there because you want to be there. You are there because you have something you want to prove, to yourself, something you want to do, for yourself, and something you want to get, out of you. On your sidelines are the people that need to be there! They are in the roles that they are supposed to be in. You have to let them play those roles out. You can’t expect them to change or accommodate according to what you feel you need in or at any given moment.

This is your game. This is your moment. All of the hard work and effort was necessary for this. And you put yourself there.

What is your choice, is what you do. Also within your power is how you respond or react to what everyone is saying or doing. Those people on the sideline matter or don’t matter as much as you allow, acknowledge, or accept. And most of the time their response is a direct reflection of yours. If you are good, they will say that. If you are not, they will say that. In the end they will only be capable of saying about you what you say about you. Not just your words either, your actions. If your mouth says you are the greatest but your work says the opposite, they have every right to recite either one. In my case, where I’ve realized people to say that I would be “fine” despite what I may think I’m going through is a result of the fact that my actions and history have spoken just that. I am resilient and diligent, patient and very ambitious. At the end of the day I believe that I will make it and that is what comes off. That is what people perceive from me. So even though my temporary state, the current play, this game, says I’m down, that’s not the end of my story. History, my history and stats in particular, say that I’ll come back and more than likely I will win!

So keep running! Keep going! Stay in the game. You’ll be just fine.

So says whoever is on your sideline!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Abandoned, reckless. [POEM]

You left some words behind…
forever, always, and until
you walked out of the door with them on the table,
next to some pills
a glass filled with what looks like water
guess I’m supposed to chase them
with what I discover is a container of your tears,
I know, because I taste them

you left some thoughts on the bed,
I found your feelings on the floor,
you left your emotions in the closet,
I found your pride behind the door
your stare is still at the window,
your hope is down the drain,
I just tripped on your ego in the bathroom,
I found a pillow still warm with your pain

You left an angry message on the mirror
I decoded it with mist
as I stood alone in our shower
trying to picture this
your despair is still on the couch
your ambition still in the drawer
I just noticed your keys on the wall
what are you walking for?

You left some words behind…
I’m sorry, forgive me, let’s try
maybe you forgot them in your rush,
maybe you’ll get them next time.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Relentlessly… [POEM]

missing you
thoughts of some chump kissing you
pissing me off,
but I burnt that bridge
and now we live on either sides,
worlds apart,
you over there with him,
me over here, with your heart
wishing you’d come back to get it
I’ve hidden it next to my feelings
the ones I pretended not to have
well I’m ready to give them to you now
public displays, passwords, and poetry
not just my emotion, but my most important things
whatever it takes
just to have you fall asleep next to me
I don’t know what else to say,

The truth is that you’ll never trust me again
the way I need you to
you’ll always have a doubt in your mind
and a reason too
so you’ll love me with caution
halfway, all or, something,
somewhere in between everything I’m asking for,
and nothing
but I deserve it
every way you could have possibly been hurt,
I learned it
and had the nerve to graduate into master
what I did to you seemed like a joke
what you’re doing to me now seems like laughter
but I deserve it
finally standing up for myself,
down on my knees,

we met under different circumstances
signs, wonders, and predictions
an entire universe ahead of us,
and here we meet again
as if the plan was
to still feel the same way
how could we have grown so far apart
and still feel the same way
how could I see you after all this time
and feel the same way
as if everything and everyone else happened,
to make us more suitable
I still see you the way I’ve seen you every second since,
like a John Legend verse
under an acoustic sky
on a day like today
in arms like, mine

allow me to steal pictures
and glimpses,
they’ll have to make due for kisses
I’ll keep saying that I’m fine with us being over
that’ll make due for how much I miss you,
emails and random anonymous phone calls,
those will make due for distance,

in the meantime,

just say that I’m not hurting alone
say that you wish things were different,
say that you’ll reconsider tomorrow
say that you’ve moved on, reluctantly
but say that you held on as long as you could,
hoping for me
say that you remember something about us
that he can never do
say that you know that I’ll meet someone else
but no one ever like you
say that you’ll remember me forever
say that you’ll save a place in heaven for me
say that I can still feel this way about you,
no matter what
and you don’t even have to say,


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


There is always a peace to be had, always. Even in our most difficult and disturbing times. Even in the noise, mess, and stuff, that happens and always seems to disrupt our routines, our thoughts, or our reality. There is yet a peace to be found. Even moreso in these moments of trial and turmoil. Even in the midst of the muddy and murky. Right in the middle of the mayhem, and the misery, and the madness, there is a peace waiting to be discovered.

That peace doesn’t make everything right, it makes it easier to fight through. That peace makes it possible to breathe and think straight as you encounter the uncertainty. That peace gives you comfort in the uncomfortable bed of those trying and sleepless times. That peace gives you a slight bit of clarity and perspective that allows for you to realize the important things, the more important things. The things that matter more than whatever evil or damage or hurt can come your way. The peace that assures you that even this will pass, and be left in the dust of the past, to be met by new and other “stuff” that is sure to come.

So live, breathe in life, move, GO, DO, and BE… Because you must. Because no problem or issue deserves a right to crush you. You’ve had to deal with too much, you’re worth moving on, and getting better, and being renewed, and forgiveness, and being at peace.



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Some (snakes) people you just have to leave alone. No they are not going to bite you or strike you and paralyze you with venomous intent. No they are not going to do that. They are not going to hiss or come off aggressive or pursue you with blood on their mind.

Nope, they’ll get close. They’ll slide on in to your life and they will seem unassuming. They won’t make all that snake noise and have those violent outburst of snake usual. No, they won’t be that way. Instead they’ll seem to embrace you. They’ll appear to give you just what you need, attention. It’ll seem like affection. It’ll seem like care.

And that will have a hold on you. It’ll feel good at first. It will feel very good. It’ll feel like acknowledgement and belonging. It’ll feel natural. You’ll feel in control.

And then you’ll feel overwhelmed. You’ll feel smothered. You’ll feel tight. You’ll feel restricted. Next thing you know, you’ll feel pressure. You’ll feel discomfort. You will then feel pain.

And then it’s too late, you’re crushed. That “hug” constricts and conquers you. And now you’re lunch. Or dinner. Or just another victim. A victim of that [snake] person doing what they were supposed to do.

That was natural to them. You just fell for it.



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Hey YOU…

Hey, you, the one who thinks their the problem…

You don’t need a brand new “you” to be successful, just some brand new ways of being “you” in order to achieve that success…

Often, the question holds the answer, and the problem is sometimes a way to the solution. What got you in it [the mess] could very well be what gets you out of it [the mess]…

It’s a matter of making an adjustment, tweaking the formula, a small and subtle diversion that will deliver all the “great” you’ve ever aspired to.

You’re going to be okay. You’ve come this far to prove it.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers