Abandoned, reckless. [POEM]

You left some words behind…
forever, always, and until
you walked out of the door with them on the table,
next to some pills
a glass filled with what looks like water
guess I’m supposed to chase them
with what I discover is a container of your tears,
I know, because I taste them

you left some thoughts on the bed,
I found your feelings on the floor,
you left your emotions in the closet,
I found your pride behind the door
your stare is still at the window,
your hope is down the drain,
I just tripped on your ego in the bathroom,
I found a pillow still warm with your pain

You left an angry message on the mirror
I decoded it with mist
as I stood alone in our shower
trying to picture this
your despair is still on the couch
your ambition still in the drawer
I just noticed your keys on the wall
what are you walking for?

You left some words behind…
I’m sorry, forgive me, let’s try
maybe you forgot them in your rush,
maybe you’ll get them next time.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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