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Speak my mind… [POEM]

We love
to love
In the company of anticipation,
saying things like,
wait for me

A flicker now a flame,
that became
burning towards one another
the same
embers that destroy
any attempt to flee
no one ignites you,
like me,
says she

Long pauses
and withdrawal
and belongings
strewn about our past
they last

Inadvertent opinions
by the plenty,
thoughts and dreams
that seem so real
for the way they feel

And still no one
to replace
the pain
nor the pleasure
no one has found
your trouble
or your treasure
like me,
says she

escaped into
that enthralled
our curiosity
to believe
that we
were either
to be
but definitely
a measure,
in between

A clarity,
one of us a drug
the other of us,
a fiend
a jones about this fix,
but hooked,
on such this thing
and it’s obvious
like she says,
we can’t fight this,
this is need

So we play distance
like its free
paying a cost,
to be
the one
that got away,

like me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Decidedly… [POEM]

without you
I still find ways
to make it
about you
that drag along
since we’ve seen
one another
seem so long
and far apart
but I find myself
how much I remember
and your heart
the way you
opened it up for me
to start
and how I make a mess
every time

the darkest days
behind us
my troubled ways
only there to remind me
of the sighs
that accompany
the silence
that sneaks upon us
in between
the heavy breathing
when I’m leaving
with no return date
but you wait
every time

a promise
to do nothing more
than change
for the better
not find myself
somewhere else
for whatever
especially not
for something better
when I could have
done that a long time ago
or never
but you let me
every time

a conclusion
that I’ve come to
is that
I know
what I want
and you have
no reason
to leave me
I’m worth being
believed in…

Every time.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Write for You… [POEM]

I want to write for you
play the sound of these words
loud and verbatim,
until you hate them
until you make them memory
and remember me

I want to write for you
a serenading sound that rhymes
and lies to you vividly
like feel good music
on bad days
and a melody
that helps you escape,
the misery

I want to write for you
personal touches
and subtle nuances
untold secrets
and hurt that do unto others
like only music can do

give me your attention,
I want to write for you

I want to write for you
arrange a great array of piece
compose a concerto
and speak
through my instrument
wet your palette
for my music
so that you choose it,

I want to write for you,

I want to write for you

I want to write for you
bass lines
and strings
percussions that bring life
and verbiage that means
until you are near it

I’ve written a song for you,
come hear it

A song about that first night
of passing by
me wanting your attention
you asking why
and how we played
like a back and forth sonnet,
a deceptive honesty
a tragic romance,
as we frolicked over both,
snares and stares

an audience of our own being,

I wrote a song about it…

an instrumental,
a rhythm awaiting your tune,
a theme song,
for our motion picture,

Come sing it with me,

the words that I write for you
in chorus
and harmony
for us,
to the sound of free
muted for no reason,
but to savor the sound
of a better noise,
our heartbeats
dancing against the tempo
of our bodies,

When we sing.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

It Blows… (Death) [POEM]

There will be a wind that blows
it will carry on your words
it will throw to and fro the tide,
it will uplift the birds

A wind that flies over my face
and carries about some leaves
a wind that bends apart clouds
a wind going about the trees

A wind that flies a child’s kite
and cools a sunny day
a wind that closes shut a door
a wind that causes one to sway

There will be a wind that howls
there will be a wind that squeals
there will be a wind that hurts
there will be a wind that heals

A wind that grows the flowers
a wind that spreads so life
there was a wind this morning
there is a different wind tonight

For now upon the wind
I must capture what is gone
a wind we once shared together
has carried you along

So now these winds remind me
these winds must let me know
that you are now a wind
as I must let you go…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Our Father, or not… [POEM]


Because not every intention
turns into action
and sometimes a mess
remains a mess,
quite matter-of-factly

don’t always translate to great
hope might often be hurt
need will sometimes be late,
or never at all
and “supposed to had” risen,
might fall

A responsibility
can be abandoned
and a role can fall short
what some might treat as game,
some perceive sport
for one, be it rule
for another, be it fool
for both, be it court

Unheralded accomplishment
purpose versus pressure
either way of roads traveled
lead to journeyed lesson

Love is an uneven trade
a bar greased and left to bare
only the prepared shall survive
and even them,
sometimes unfair

food on a table
a check in the mail
an attendance on the sideline
a balance of the scales

or not

Or a reason why

or not

Or a try

or not

Bad examples lead
to better stories
and become motivation
for a beaming glory

just like hurt feelings
become kept promises
and well told lies
become traits of honesty
and probable, becomes probably

History teaches
that no man is perfect
but a chance towards perfection
makes investing in every little boy worth it
because he might grow to be different
than what fate considered deserving
and he might do differently
what was his only way of learning

and he will leave no slack in the line
but that needed to bait
and he will carry into his wellspring
the full bounty of grace

and a mothers pillow will
only soak in tears of self
would be a perfect dream
if wished upon itself
but things often change
than what we did perceive
so mother may have to mother
more than she once believed

or not

Because maybe daddy will stay

or not

Or maybe just explain

or not

Or maybe just refrain
from being Daddy

or not

and thus quite the opposite
can be motive for accomplishment

And so steps can be taken
and steps made
and steps can become titles
and steps laid
and steps can lead the way
from bad days

… stepdad can serve
just as well,
and sometimes much better
the past says


Ugly ties
and macaroni plaques
are no selector of persons
they come with the respect

so long as the mentor
is no meant to be
then brothers
and uncles,
all men can be the fathers

Or not

and instead
an image or an inspiration
will drive forward the cause
and God will be our Father,
a just Father to us all…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Not your day… Mom’s…

We better get hip to all the blurring and crossing of lines.., shit is going too far!

Father’s Day cards for mothers is a joke. I don’t care how much you’ve done, at the extreme best, you can only be SUPER MOM, you can’t be DAD. Period. At 1000% mom you still can’t be .00001% Dad. Instead, you are being a TERRIBLE MOM by telling, parading, or carrying on such a LIE!
The fact that you have or had to do more because the CO-parent is doing or has done less, is just what it is. Swallow it. Don’t jeopardize the peace of you walking and working in your role for some “extra” pretend credit.
The deceptive practice of manipulating such a message for the sake of satisfying an ego or pride or for whatever selfish reason will ultimately backfire on you. It will inevitably create a complex or barrier in between that perfect bond or relationship that you think you have with your child, or children. Eventually they are going to grow up and become rational human beings with awareness and intellect that will recognize that you damaged them and that you did so, quite often, with a one-sided version of a three-sided story.
Don’t buy into it. Don’t buy that card. Don’t play that card.
Mothers are mothers. That role is all encompassing. It cannot be added unto, it cannot be subtracted. Mothers are enough. If you were to be a father as well you’d dilute your motherhood. You’d take away from the power and strength that is yours. You’d tear at the fabric of arrangement that is natural and right to serve an unnatural purpose.

But if you were a good mother, and held true to that, there’d be no delinquent nor insufficient service present that could strip you of the amazingness that being a mother holds!

This instead, indeed, is a malicious and masterminded attempt, in our BLACK community, to further emasculate the relationship and institution of our family unit. This plot was set in play by design and deliberately instituted to accomplish a prepared agenda. And it is working to its purpose, to separate and sever our ties, to dissect and destroy us as a whole, to further distract and delay us from an undeniable destiny!

A real mother wouldn’t accept such a thing. She’d take responsibility and make due with what is. She’d have no reason to castrate the image or identity of the man that she once PARTNERED with in order to produce the gift of child or children that she is blessed to nurture and care for. Why. She doesn’t need the extra credit. She gets all the credit for being mother. She gets to be honored and celebrated for parenthood by that title, daily.

And the fact is this:

Mothers (women) can’t be fathers (men). It’s anatomically impossible. I don’t care what the cover of TIME magazine suggests.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


I’m going to challenge YOU to not only be challenged by a “challenge”.
Be challenged by the need, by the ignorance, be challenged by the belief.
Be challenged by the desire to empower and improve the lives around you, and your own, because they need be improved. Be challenged by the inherent hunger and thirst to be satisfied by the fullness of love and care and just. Be challenged by the hope of things to come, that are more aligned and affixed to the bounties of YOUR heart. Be challenged by YOUR reflection, by reflex, an automatic assertion towards a forward progress, exampling and exemplifying a habit and protocol of whatever it is that YOU are so “challenged” to be or do.
Do not only be “challenged” to charity, or care, or benevolence, or compassion, or mercy.
Not just for a cause, but because, BE-CAUSE!

I challenge YOU to not need a “challenge” to do better, or more, or right, but to do these things because YOU must. Because without doing these things YOU in effect challenge our progress beyond necessary. YOU challenge the orders and systems of good and compassion, with the selfishnesses of greed and ugly. YOU challenge evil for mere moments, to satisfy YOUR ego and YOUR pride, for sake of appearance, or popularity.

I challenge YOU to compel the most inner of YOUR spirit to free from the sanctum of idleness and independence out into the labor of work and necessary that MUST BE DONE in order to service a most greater need and much bigger picture.
I challenge YOU to secretly and quietly GO BODLY into the bowels of generosity and kindness and pull from there YOUR motive. I challenge YOU to be small, if so as to be sure. Let YOUR giving be cents if it can be consistent. Because strayed, stranded, and spread out BIG dollars, mean absolutely the least if not to be counted upon, or depended upon, or brought to pass.
I challenge YOU to volunteer, consistently. To promote life and peace, consistently. To speak these things, consistently.

Because YOUR greatest challenge is to be consistent. To be a flagship. To be the unnerved lighthouse along the most rigid of coast. Illuminated for even the most insignificant of ships. To be an example to the least of YOUR expect. To awake every morning and retire every night, challenged, to keep doing all and everything that YOU must to make things better. For all, for YOU.

Because in the getting of, or being given, life, there is no greater challenge on YOU than to GIVE;
And YOU shouldn’t have to be challenged to do that.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Not next, NOW…

In my lifetime, so many of those whom were, “The Greatest of All Time” at whatever or whomever they were, have died.
The list is too vast to even begin to press here, but in that vain, and has been said by so many others… what this indicates, impressed, and implies, is that, It is our time, IT IS OUR TURN!

Be YOUR Greatest.