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Thought for the Moment [#6]

It is so easy to SAY how hard you had it.

What IS hard is making the conscious choice and performing the deliberate practice of doing the NECESSARY things to alter/change/shift YOUR circumstances or situation towards what YOU need them to be.

What is sometimes even more difficult is the process and having to endure the time it takes to accomplish what you have set out to do. Especially in the face of other adversity and against the grain and guide of expectations or assumptions that are formed based on what people/society/history states is the “way” you should or should have done something.

Listen here…

Find out what works for you, that you can sustain, and do it. Repeat it. Practice it. Master it. Continue doing it for as long as need be to produce the results that align with what is YOUR desired or designed outcome. Try things, new things, different things, random things, until you find the thing or things that do work. Use your experiences as EXPERIENCE! Count no mistake or mishap as death, instead LIVE towards the expectation and in the freedom of this knowledge:

Every lesson is a lesson. It may not take you where you wanted to go, but it can, if you allow it to, give you a better idea and position relative to your desired place, EVERY LESSON! That means every friendship, every relationship, every place, every job, every road, every bad thing, every “wrong” thing, every mistake, every avenue, every tool, every question, every regret, every hardship, and EVERY hurt. As well as EVERY good thing. It is all capable of being fused and forged into YOUR FORWARD PROGRESS!

You must gain a matter of perspective that is a perspective that MATTERS, to YOU! You have to attain and achieve discipline and discernment, and diligence. You MUST make a priority of what are YOUR PRIORITIES! And go after them. You must multi-task and multi-FINISH! You have to follow-up and follow-through! You have to MAKE IT WORK!

And where need be, YOU will require and YOU MUST accept, help! You are going to be able to benefit from the experience, expertise, and example of others! Those who are QUALIFIED to lead you. Be sure to recognize or realize when someone is actually QUALIFIED to help you! And ACCEPT that help!

No man, or woman, is self-made! They may be self-inspired or self-motivated or self-driven, but YOU ARE NOT GETTING VERY FAR, in reality, BY YOURSELF. Someone advised, invested, cooperated, listened, petitioned, prayed, considered, or thought about, YOU. And it mattered. Any story with ONE character, was a short one!

And YOUR STORY is waiting. It’s time for YOUR STORY! Your story, especially the part that matters most, gets to BEGIN, RIGHT NOW, with YOU! That’s where it starts. And the “start” is probably- from what life teaches us- the real hard part! That is the part that presents the greatest challenge. The part where you choose to change. The part where you believe in that change and take the attitude and steps necessary to make that change happen. To make that change, REAL.

It is very easy to say what stopped you. But what’s stopping you from doing something about it?



God-less… [POEM]

How is
your God
more God
my God

why is your God
more believable
to have faith in
and less vulnerable
to interpretation
than the God
to my liking

where is your God
while slaves
and innocents
are suffered
to ignorance
does your God forget
or remember it

when is
your God
to explain him
or her
or at least

what is
your God
while the devil
everyone agrees on
uncovers his stealth
is your God impressed

why does
your God
but not jury
while you see unseen
is His vision blurry
while you rush to assume
why doesn’t He hurry

must your God be late?

or does your God hate,
your views
just as much
as I do.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

The Mirror in Me… [POEM]

Dark and ugly
fat and lonely
most rejected
dumb and stupid
hardly good
shallow, judgmental
poor and wretched
misshaped and disfigured
far from wise
not ready, not there
not supposed to, not enough
not worthy, not acceptable
not significant, and not much
less than and least of all
outcast and beyond reach
inappropriate and obnoxious
down, where I should be…

Still dark,
my ugly speaks confident
I command my respect
I’m generous and independent
I’m wanted plenty
Silent yet perceptive
as human as can be
Concerned and compassionate
Well and assured
perfectly intended,
Purposed and specific
Of course and abundant
Valued and acknowledged
Required and wanted
Greater than and first to be
Truly so revered
Knowing well your words
won’t stop me,
That is why I’m feared

I don’t see your reflection,
I speak the mirror in me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Fall Leaves… [POEM]

…Remnants and memories
strewn about
and piled

…the desperate heat
and it’s scorching reach,
for awhile

…lessons of a time away
and times spent there
in that of time

…bare nakedness
drenching wet of it
of such madness, unwind

…perfect matches
and bathing redress
and shades

…culinary folly
that bonfire jolly

…and all
of what summer was,
Fall leaves.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Based on… [POEM]

What we feel is wrong is
based on
what we know is right is
based on
what we accept as law is
based on
what we know is just is
based on
what we’ve learned is
based on
what we are taught is
based on
what we’ve been told is based on
what we hear is
based on
what we think is
based on
what we want is
based on
what we believe is
based on
what we imagine is
based on
what we see is
based on
what we have is
based on
what we do is
based on
where we are is
based on
who we know is
based on
how we act is
based on
what we try is
based on
what we are is
based on
what we decide is…

Based on

How we love is
based on
how we feel is
based on
how we manage to cope is
based on
how we try to exist is
based on
what we think we know is
based on
who or what we believe is
Or the basis
for basically,


based on,


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Kisses in the wind… [POEM]

Satin fabric brushed firm
against my chest
clutched into a crumple
of safe beneath my chin
feels like
Kisses in the wind

Deserted and distressed
wanting to be rescued
for fear of loneliness
keeping me alive
are thoughts
of kisses in the wind

on the floor
by the door
wishing my yearn is known
so that I am saved
by kisses in the wind

Finding further seclusion
inside the closet
by illusions
wishing these mirages
come to life
and carry
Kisses in the wind

on a windows ledge
to flee
drowning by the sea of tears
that flood
my foot of the bed beach,
I plea
for kisses in the wind

and tragic
category unmatched
a wind beyond measure
a wall unlatched
It is all bad
and I drift further
Kisses in the wind

As they blow by my life
into the want of another
I escape to find them gone
without a lover
standing in a puddle
of what once was a floor
left vacant was my oasis
when I opened the door
to be done
and deserved
Kisses in the wind.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

The Proof is Us… [POEM]

They approach prepared
to perceive a threat
when their approach
is perceived a threat
they approach
with a perceived neglect
so they boast
for a perceived respect
but know
that there is a deep regret
so they host
what is believed reject
as they coast
on an indeed elect

Cops are justified
until proven just
the experiment is our lives
the proof is us

unarmed black men
are the new on the job training
and their patience is waning
straining to contain force
so they abort laws
and exploit the flaws in justice
because they can’t trust us
to be slaves anymore
“damn niggers done got smart”
not the same anymore
then shoot ’em!
they look the same on the floor

grand jury’s indict more egos
than evidence
the perception is negligent,
Black people need
to be more careful
or irrelevant
need to just be quiet
not so prevalent
be strong and black
over there
and not so delicate
not so damn ignorant
and not so damn arrogant

And stop complaining
ain’t neither reparations
nor retribution
nor recognition
nor reciprocity
gone change it…

They approach prepared
to perceive a threat
when their approach
is perceived a threat
they approach
with a perceived neglect
so they boast
for a perceived respect
but know
that there is a deep regret
so they host
what is believed reject
as they coast
on an indeed elect

Cops are justified
until proven just
the experiment is our lives
the proof is us.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

The Latest…

Who Said… [POEM]

Who said
that God said
or was it God
that said who?

Was it God
that said what
or was it man
that said you?

Would God need
or would God want
why would God
if God was so?

Where would God
or would it matter
but couldn’t God
have said no?

When would God
if such was is
have needed to
have it as this?

What kind of God
would that have been
unless a God
was not He is?

But God was just
as God had so
and left to man
to guess.

For God had known
that man would find
a different God
who said it best.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

is not optional… [POEM]

My faith
My beauty
My love

is not optional

They are given freely
not to save you
but to free me
so I offer them
with reckless abandon,

Beyond measure
and above reproach
I surrender selflessly,
my most inner of feelings
to be exposed
and shared

even though I’m scared
My fear,
is not optional

through the storms
of circumstances
and every chance I have
to give
through the situations
for which I have
to live

My story,
is not optional

the magnificent
that met misery
that materialized into madness
but manifested
into more

I took it all
hands raised toward heaven
face down on the floor


My determination,
is not optional

nor is my belief
or my spirit
or my rage
or my sincerity
or my hope
or my trust
or my integrity
or my want

I have every intention to win
to survive
to live

I won’t die

That kind of death,
is not optional.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Before I say goodbye… [POEM]

One more chance
to prove that I am
that we are surely fit
to dance

so let me show you,
Before I say goodbye

I love you
and have since first sight
like at the well
like those eyes,
like the first night
that happened too fast
but not fast enough
but just so happens to be,

let me remind you,
Before I say goodbye

to go and become
exactly as you urged
like you wanted
like I learned
or always said I would
or you always knew
I’m going to return
but before I do,

I want to touch you,
Before I say goodbye

in the morning
from wake to rest
as if perfect strangers
purposely met
for a reason,
such as this…

let your want be a kiss
and distance
be just this,
something to miss
because none of it matters
or fails to survive bliss

Before I say goodbye.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers