Thought for the Moment [#3]

You do not have to prove what you’ve already proven. There is no need for explanation where you have exhibited a certain or particular example. It is not necessary to always answer questions or respond to criticism about a way in which you do something, especially if that way is working for you.

And even if it isn’t so much, but you acknowledge it as part of your learning process, you don’t owe ANYONE an explanation for the sake of having to explain yourself. It’s your life and you get to LIVE it!

Sometimes you will find yourself in a position of having to explain or defend yourself from attack by people who appear to be trying to get you to do, say, or be something outside of who you are. Their intention may not be clear but their attempt is. They will be relentless and invasive and constant with comment and critique of how and who you are, mostly to the notion that the “way” that you operate is not “right” or “not normal” or dysfunctional. The argument will be that you are wrong and/or selfish for being such a person as you have been. In matters of love, or relationship, or communication, or business, or maturity, or whatever the case will be, the moral will be that you are inept or ineffective towards a successful result albeit due to your own self-inflicted mistakes or mayhem.

And they will sound convincing. They’ll probably have a ton of conviction and examples of why they’re right and how you’re wrong. The discussion, debate, argument might well be crafted under a cloak and guise of religious dogma so as to try and eliminate your “secular” point of view. The religious component is sometimes used as a method and means of control that is utilized through the means of guilt and shame. But it won’t seem that way. It’ll probably be sculpted to sound like they have your “best” interest at heart, or that they care, or that they understand how you could have gotten it so “wrong” for so long. The “conversation” will probably be presented as a gentle encouragement or word of “advice” until a certain point where it becomes clear that there is an agenda and probably a subsequent ultimatum attached.

And before you know it, you’re feeling uncomfortable or frustrated by something or someone that really fought you because they recognized your change, or your difference.
What you may not realize is that many of the people that give you the most resistance are really searching for proof and confirmation that your theory works. They want to know more, learn more, try it too. They admire your strength and resolve, your belief, your faith, and your commitment! They see you. They just don’t know how to bust out of their own ways, or break free from some of the very things that you overcame.

So what you think is trouble, is testing. It is all a part of a process. A process that you don’t have to explain if you are the example. You don’t need to wonder or worry about persuading anyone else to trust your judgement or heart. You know what you’re doing!

So do they.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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