Where is Love… [POEM]

Have you seen love
I’ve lost her again
wanted me to call her special
I called her friend
she didn’t much like that
felt she had no place
she didn’t want to be regular
said a friend had no face

Have you seen love
I’ve messed up another time
thought I was being funny
she didn’t get the line
said my joke was inappropriate
I was selfish and immature
said that love was responsibility
but I was not so sure

Have you seen love
I broke another promise
tried to be all she needed
all I could muster was honest
she hated that I said things
things she knew were true
the very things we were doing,
she pretended we didn’t do

Have you seen love
I thought I had it there
don’t know how I misplaced it
don’t know if I care
I was trying to keep it safe
tried to put it in my room
but that sneaky little devil,
must have gone and then assumed

Have you seen love
I was about to pick her up
I needed that space for feelings
she was moving up
was going to carry her around
well as much as she would go
but love is so impatient
now love will never know

Have you seen love
the kind that fits for me
not the one all worn before
but the kind that’s meant to be
a love that has no feeling
a love that has no chance
I want a love that’s different
a love that has no plan…

Have you seen love?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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