Thought for the Moment [#4]

Trust Issues.

Humans lie. Humans cheat. Humans disappoint. Humans fail. Humans hurt. Humans hate. Humans avoid. Humans mislead. Humans steal. Humans kill. Humans hide. Humans destroy. Humans pervert. Humans manipulate. Humans deceive. Humans deny.

You have every right to your trust issues.

Every person on this earth is human. Every human is capable of doing something that a human does. That includes things that are terrible and unfortunate and cruel. That includes the malicious and the mistake. It includes the intentional and the inadvertent. It includes the purposed and the impossible.

Do not ever let anyone tell you that your worry, caution, or paranoia is invalid or unwarranted. Do not let someone attempt to convince you that your skeptical mindset is inappropriate or unnecessary. Do not barter away the instinct or intuition that guards or guides you towards safety, for some false sense of security, in order to compensate some other persons ego or feeling. Forget that! You have no obligation to believe people for the sake of believing them. Not when that belief leaves you susceptible to the dangers and defaults of what unknowingness is.

That is too much of a risk to take haphazardly.

People, {humans}, are prone to behavior and character that is influenced or impressed upon by any given moments notice. By virtue of that randomness and spontaneity, those humans are sometimes apt to find themselves in positions and places that force them to accommodate less than ideal standards or statutes. The point with that is, you haven’t seen the extent of what a human is capable of!

And you’ve probably experienced some of humanity’s worst offenses already. Whether first-hand or from the experience or knowledge of just ordinary life. Within your home or on the job, from social-settings to public domains, from your family circle to your faith community. There are almost no words to encapsulate just how probable the reality and likelihood of encountering “humanity” is. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, you are going to be the “victim” of a human circumstance or situation that does the exact opposite of what you intended or expected.

Because people will be people. And people are going to do “people” shit. People are going to go all “people” on you at the most inconvenient and inconsistent of times. Like, right when you expect people to act different or do different or say different, they do the same low-down, dirty, foul, inconceivable, unbelievable, and unconscionable stuff that you know, people do.

You are not crazy for keeping one eye open when it comes to “people”.

But people need to be forgiven. People deserve other chances. People require understanding and compassion, from you, for their ills and idiosyncrasies. People are entitled to your grace and mercy. People require your faith and trust.

Sounds like some kind of trick, huh?

It’s not. It’s real. It’s the way that it is. It is the only way that you will ever get to a point of not being so vulnerable or “available” to the hurt and disappointment of some of the things that people do. It is the only way that you will ever achieve any type of success in any area of life that functions on the behalf of your interaction or communication with other humans. It is a necessary thing, a natural thing, to deal with people and to have to deal with people’s mess and “stuff”.

Because the truth is, you are just as “people” as people are, and you know full well that your life is full of “human” moments that you’ve probably just done a good job of hiding or keeping out of the open. And don’t even pretend that your little white lie is less of an issue than some monstrosity of injustice or flagrant disregard for humanity that someone else’s is. Because the truth is that little white lies sometimes trigger BIG emotional reactions and consequences. I’d propose that some of the most vile and vicious acts of humanity became possible at the behest of what some person thought to be an insignificant thought, or feeling.

Sparks ignite fuses ignite bombs.

The fact is that the best thing that you can ever do is to learn to trust yourself, to be human, and to expect that with that comes, well, you know, being human. Feelings, thoughts, actions, emotions, problems, difficulties, and whatever else. And ALL humans go through the range and gamut of experience that life has to offer. Life is the biggest culprit in humans being humans. Because life hits humans with punches and blows that you are never totally prepared or positioned for. And that is actually the beauty of it, the unknown. That is what feeds the senses and the appetite for adventure, the unexpected. That arouses the intellect and stimulates the mind. The adrenaline of the human experience provides the foundation that is itself, what we are her for, to live.

And to live is to learn. You learn through experience. Your experience, if you’re living, is inevitable. And with that inevitable life, comes people. And their stuff. And their baggage. And their pasts. And their craziness. And their troubles. And their mess.

But those very people, those people get healed. They get cured. They get fixed. They apologize. They learn. They recognize. They change. They forget. They understand. They forgive. They love. They remember. They try. They do. They begin. They practice. They earn. They acknowledge. They believe.

And you are one of those people. And trust issues bring about change.

And that change is well worth wanting, fighting, or waiting for.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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