She Will… [POEM]

She’s been through hell
but worried herself to well
picked up where he left off
and got herself together

Now she’s fine

Insides repaired
outsides renewed
mentally refreshed
devils subdued

She’s smiling because
she deserves it
head held high like
she’s earned it
eyes straight ahead, shoulders back
self-assured posture, like
she learned it

Still got eyes bright for a future
emotions still on her sleeve
but now she gotta little seasoning
the kind that’ll make you believe

She’s going to be okay

Bruised up and better now
made it through a storm
and the darkest clouds
whirlwinds and wow-factors,
she can show you how
and she’s speaking out

Overcame underprivileged
and being demanded,
from misfortune and misunderstood
now she understands it

It is what it is
or you change it
take it how it comes
or rearrange it

She sees things differently

rejection taught her self-respect
abandonment taught her independence
manipulation taught her integrity
dishonesty taught her endurance

Faith got stronger
Beliefs got clear
Hope got her up
Time got her here

and she is ready now

Looking forward to love
prepared to take a chance
she’s got nothing else to prove
The fact Is that she can

She will.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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