but I love you, right… [POEM]

Bills due
but I love you
so much out of sorts
but I love you, of course
I’m not so young anymore
but I love you more
trouble all around
but I love you, sound
life and circumstances
but I love you for the chances
been hard along the way
but I love you anyway
real loneliness and regret
but I love you, don’t forget
time has come and gone
but I love you, right or wrong
much that I don’t know how
but I love you, now
another day I had to fight
but I love you tonight
forced to deal with the pain
but I love you, the same
out of touch or not so real
but I love you, for the feel
back and forth, unknowns
but I love you, as I’ve shown

I don’t know what perfect is like,
but my love for you is right.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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