Thought for the Moment [#9]

Sometimes the problem is too big to just eliminate. You have to attack it from the sides, the causes and the effects; the situations and the symptoms.

You may not be able to eradicate the main issue because of many reasons, but you can alter and effect the results or some of the reasons for its happening. Doing that may relieve some of the pressure. That release will give you some of the movement and functionality that allows you to change course, alter behaviors, change a location, correct a problem, attack a habit. Those things can eliminate the problem, or significantly reduce its access to you.

Addressing the “symptoms” may provide the motivation or drive that initiates your desire to really do whatever it takes to change something. The tedious, time-consuming, invasive, almost embarrassing nature of some “symptoms” should prompt you to engage alternate- even drastic- measures to fix a problem. The “symptoms” are sometimes worse than whatever the issue is.
So deal with them head-on, deliberately, and decisively! While doing that, consider the “situations” that inspired the problem that delivered the symptoms. Consider what can or must be done to change it or them! Then change it or them.
Especially if you don’t like the symptoms. Especially if they restrict you, hurt you, delay you, infect or affect you, negatively.

Until you feel better. Until you do better. Until you are better. And never forget how you felt because of how those “symptoms” made you feel. That’s the lesson. That’s the lesson you learn, prevention. The message is clear. You don’t like how it made you feel, or what it forced you to do, or kept you from doing. So you stop doing it! You change the whatever you need to change, start whatever you need to start, quit whatever you need to quit, in order to do that.

Until you’re “symptom” (pain) free. And then you eliminate those “situations”. That problem will go away.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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