Still, I’ll come for you… [POEM]

I choose you
On purpose
because you’re worth it
and I mean it,

I want you
and I want to
and I will

and I don’t need instructions,
just instruct me

then let me
seek you out,
let me fight for you
let me fight us through
let me do,
you are due

The most

And let me prove it,
You are amazing,
let me use it
You are incredible,
let me choose it

You are worth every dream
that you have ever dreamed,
let me make those dreams come true
you’re waking up
let me be there when you come to

and help you up
and stay your side
and not ever leave,
just say you’re mine

I won’t just reach,
I’ll climb
and pursue,
not just try, but do
not for reason,

let me remember
what need remembered,
without you reminding me

Let us LET US,
Let that be the bar
Let us just go with it
Let that be the far
Let us be the start

of what we both know is true

You deserve to know it exists
You deserve it for you

and that’s what I’m here to do.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

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