Winter, wanderland… [POEM]

There is a loneliness
that comes with wanting
finding it easier
to let it go

Unanswered questions
per mere suggestion
hypothetical possibility
or so

I just want peace

I want someone to let me
just be me
that’s what she said
just be free

there is a war in my head

A cold and bitter wind
accustomed to my soul
A warm and sour taste
but one she’ll never know

fighting until someone loses
or their voice
we probably sound better
or with no choice

make up love
becomes made up love

I just want peace

silence in this crowded room
someone to understand
a different kind of same ole
something bigger than

there is a war in my head

clouds of other midsts
rains that erase the residue
sun that burns away the sight
wind that takes me away from you.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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