Worth her desire… [POEM]

Her desire for
something keeps her
awake in the middle of
the time she spends
dreaming of him to
see that she is
waiting on him to
do something different like
love her for once
instead of giving her his least
expected piece of nothing that she takes until what
she had before he left
returns to the place that
gives her a choice of
whether or what is not
meant to be

Her desire for herself
makes her desire for him
or worth everything.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


2 thoughts on “Worth her desire… [POEM]

  1. KasharaBlue

    they should make a button with “beautiful” on it :P. I’d press it for every poem of yours. Probably something more original that “beautiful” would work too 😛 How do I describe this poem best? I don’t know for sure. Bottom line is, I like it; I like both the content and the rhythm. Great job!



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