What more can I Say… [POEM]

What more can I say
About you,
My whole idea has changed,
About you,
I’m willing to change what I have to make my life more,
About you

Let me count the ways,
You’ve shown me,
What I didn’t know,
You told me,
You gave me a chance,
Not knowing,
If I’d ever turn out to turn around the way you hoped I would

This life has its way
of giving us
The reasons to keep on
Forgiving once,
The season has come
To leave
Or learn
Or live
With who we choose to love

And nonsense makes sense
Now that I’m here with you
I’m willing to fight
As long as its with you
We make up excuses to bring out the passion inside while we’re hiding behind

I’ll give you it all
And even more
Just give me your worse
So that I’m secure
I know we can find what we’re looking for
If we try, if we try,
If we try to not to hide it

I’ll find you…


©2012 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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