Thought for the Moment [#11]

Just BE with who you want to BE with…

The person that brings BEING out of you. The person that BELIEVES in you. The person that BECOMES with you. The person that is there BECAUSE they want to BE and you want them there! The person that inspires, motivates, and pushes you to BE more, or BE better, or BE different. The person that wants you to BE free, BE healed, and BE greater! The person that BESTOWS trust and loyalty and honor into your life. The person that helps you BEGIN the work, or the process(es) necessary to BE what or where you want to BE.

First you have to BE you. No mask, no disguises, no pretending. You can’t BE afraid. You have to BE willing to open your mind, heart, soul, and life, to someone else in order for them to BE able to BE a partner to and for you. You cannot BE ashamed or insecure about what you have BEEN or done. If they can acknowledge you, they can accept you. You have to BE strong enough to allow yourself to do that. It is the ultimate test of faith and courage, but you won’t ever BE whole until you account for the broken pieces. You have to BE willing to present all of it.

There is someone that makes you want to BE honest, BE faithful, BE stable, BE secure, BE revealed, BE healthy, BE productive, BE accountable, and BE theirs. BE honest with yourself, BE honest with them. BE with them. BE committed. BE open. BE courageous. BE willing. BE true.

And it will BE. That safety, security, and significance, that you’ve been searching for. That friendship, that relationship, that understanding. That bond, that home, that fantasy, that dream, that life, that LOVE. That love that makes it all make sense. That love that you’ve longed and looked for. That love that calms you. That love that energizes you. That love that brings you peace. That love that you’re willing to fight, or wait, for.

It could BE yours.
It will BE yours.
You just have to BE ready.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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