Pillows… [POEM]

No sheets
No clothes
just sunlight, you, and I

and the pillows

I have one to match your hair
and one to catch you there
and this one behind the bed
throw this one behind your legs

Beg, for the pillows

and meet me against the wall
let gravity cushion the fall
scream out for me
my name sounds like ecstasy when you call,

Put your knees on the pillow

say something
right now,
here is a pillow,
bite down
hear the sound of what you feel,
let’s pillow fight,
for real

I taste your pillows

pressed up against my face,
to await your pillows
I stayed awake
grab a pillow
cover my face,
for the neighbors sake

hands behind my head
clutching a pillow
our bodies on side of the bed,
crushing pillows

thread counts no match for sweat
satin, silk, textures

Don’t forget the pillows

Remember my scent
in the pillows
remind yourself
place one in between your legs,
for help
scratch at the pillow
act as if it was my lip
you know what to do with it,

I’m convinced
we only need the pillows,
to reminisce.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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