Trust Issues… [POEM]

I have trust issues
because I trust issues
I trust individuals who are not yet ready to be trusted,
but I always find out too late,
like once my trust is issued
note to self:
The only one you can trust,
is you

People know better
but people know people better than that
so it’s easier to get over on people than it is to get over your past
holding on to the hope that people will do better than what you know they’re going to do is no better than expecting people to treat themselves any less better than the way they treat you
and you know better than that
plus you’re better than that

“No excuses”
people use that as a way to make themselves seem like they got standards
while they attempt to make you out to be some sort of pariah of dysfunction
they want you to be disciplined,
they demanded it
while themselves being more demon than you could ever demonstrate
getting over,
instead of just being honest,
you could understand that…

But they got trust issues
and they can’t trust that you won’t judge,
plus you and all of your rules,
just won’t budge
so you fudge personality and character traits to sweeten the pie
but sour grapes don’t make kool-aid, they make wine
processes don’t take chances,
they take time
trust issues take lives
trust, issues take lives

Lies stand tall,
secrets tell themselves
dark things shine bright
believing heaven requires hell


Humans usually disagree on things that have nothing to do with requiring consensus
and then they dismiss the notion of what doesn’t have to be said, ignoring the spirit and the power of senses
and find ways to argue over imagination and art
while hiding things that are out of their control, and natural,
Just fart
Stop acting like you don’t have the same “dirty” mind that I do,
guess who knows how much of a freak you are?
I do
stop worrying about whether or not if someone understands what you’re going through,
because I do…

have trust issues,


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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