Stay… [POEM]

I would write you a letter
but there is no better way
than to stand here face to face
say what I have to say…

I love you

Want you, Miss you, Need you, Care
Believe you, Yearn you, See you, there
Desire, Deserve, have Decided, and Know
Relentless, Unapologetic, Unmistakably, so


I can’t believe that this is how
I would arrive at a place like this, and now
without, in need, and so inclined
to promise, to bring, indeed, in time

No words for feelings like this
or moments like these
to describe just how much you amaze
or the lights that I see

Anyone ever called you proof?
or tried to explain it
I find my impulse so uncouth,
I’m trying to restrain it

Get myself together

at least enough to compose a way
at least enough to control my strength
at least enough to condone this pace
at least enough to communicate…

Take your time

Just hurry up

Move this way



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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