This time… [POEM]

She says
this time
can ill afford
to cost more

either or

She needs specific
and guarantee
consistent actions
not apparently
words that produce,

fruit bearing trees

Her decision
this time
will be different
a prism
and no prison

so She will listen,
this time

pay attention
and adhere to standard
seek and solicit structure,
demand it
acknowledge temptation

withstand it

stand in no way of natural
of what is factual
rely on her faith
in what is actual

more than hope and dreams,
this time

still just as soft
and still just as warm
still a little girl for fairytales
a big imagination still

better still, forewarned
this time

loyal to herself
willing to surrender
with no apprehension
will submit,

to help

He has something to prove
to Her self
She will not lose
because She chose to,

She’s done that before,
but not this time.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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