Thought for the Moment [#13]

Stress is KILLING us!

We are broken, dis-eased, frustrated, un-well, imbalanced, distracted, malnourished, depressed, stretched, confused, lonely, isolated, fearful, over-stimulated, dis-heartened, and unhappy, BECAUSE OF STRESS!

Let It GO!


Whether For-give or FOR-GET, do it… FOR-YOU!

Pressure and anxiety, conjoined to the expectations and ideals of what is “supposed” to be or “supposed” to happen or should’ve’s, could’ve’s, would’ve’s… It is too much for you to take on. LET IT GO!


I am seeing and hearing too many stories of people around me having strokes, and heart-attacks, cancer diagnosis, mental health concerns, and other debilitating issues arising. But know that these are not “all of a sudden” ills, these things are results and effects of habits, routines, processes, traditions, and lifestyles. These conditions are product of our CONDITIONING! Be mindful, it comes from mindsets!

The “positive” people are suffering more than anything it seems like. It’s as if carrying around the weight of wanting to help everyone is hurting the very people capable of doing that. The poets and the prophets, the preachers, the purveyors of positivity, are in so much peril right now.

Prayer does change things. It changes the point of view. Let the prayers be pre-cursor to putting faith in action. We have to “get-over” some stuff. We have to release some stuff. That “stuff” being places, things, ideas, hurts, problems, questions… and PEOPLE, too!

Get it off of your chest! Get it out of your mind. LET IT GO!

Know that you can not change it all, fix it all, help it all, cure it all, save it all, do it all, know it all, want it all, inspire it all, influence it all, motivate it all, force it all, face it all, fight it all, feed it all, heal it all, hear it all, see it all, understand it all, console it all, comfort it all, want it all, need it all or BE IT ALL. What will more than likely happen is that you will burn yourself out, stretch yourself too thin, until a point that you are of no use. No use, at all!

My prayers and energy go out to you. I’m sending you a vibration of restoration and rest-assurance. Get some rest. No sense in burning the candle on both ends if you want to shine tomorrow.

There has to be a pace. That comes out of peace. I pray that you get peace. I speak strength and courage into you. I pray the wind of comfort and confidence rest upon you as you open your heart and mind to this message. I pray your soul and spirit is guided and grounded in the acknowledgment and understanding that the power is in you to heal yourself!

It only gets “better” when WE GO and GET BETTER!


Ase. Selah. Amen. Hakuna Matata. Peace. Blessings.

Be light,


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