Every Time You Leave… [POEM]

Every time you leave
a part of me
wanders about
the where you are
bits and pieces
puzzled in the reasoning,
leaving me to wonder,
why must you go?

Every time you leave
frightens me
about the distance,
the sights you may see
the feelings you felt
touches you left by the bed
a moment we missed
in the shower
what wasn’t said
a kiss I may have denied you
a hug you longed for
what am I wrong for
what are you gone for?

thoughts that I think,
every time you leave

finding something to do
every thing seems so old
without you
you bring difference constantly
something new
driving myself crazy
tunnel vision
towards forever,
my view
I feel like a stowaway,
how long must I wait
until I can escape
or be rescued,
what is by myself coming to
I don’t want to find out,
so I choose

Every time you leave
I say a prayer
and make a wish
send out a vibration,
then take a sip
of the last air you exhaled
or I clutch the pillow you left
to remind myself that you’ll be back
and that I have no reason
to stress,

…And that I will be alright
Every time you leave.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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