Love, Questioned… [POEM]

Love is tragic
an inconvenient magic trick
a rabbit from a hat
in a lions den,

What happens then?

a stupid decision
like permission to be
a frustration
that no one needs

Why even concede?

Love hurts
and it works against you
like wind, unthinkable wind
that was meant to

Who chooses you?

and maybe bases it on a God
expecting tangible things
from imaginary beings
in the name of control

Where would you go?

Love never changes
it just makes things different
always a sense of urgency
with commitments

When will you listen?

but something about it
must and has to be
or else nothing becomes
just as is with we

How do you see?

Love gives its own reason
but yet it gives none
no clarity for the relentless
until such is gone…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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