Figuring her out… [POEM]

Her words meant different things
but I wasn’t listening
only heard history
and left before she could explain

She said, “don’t leave”
I only heard control
She only wanted me to say,
“I will never leave your soul”

Her tears were for the best
I thought that they were hurt
I didn’t notice the seeds
that had been planted in the dirt

She said, “stay”
I heard her telling me to bend
sounded like her trying to “fix” me,
She was only trying to mend

Her rules were not extraordinary
they were steps and clues to see
but “close” feels like being captured,
when you are a wounded man like me

She said, “I want more”
I heard not being enough
soon her expectations were insurmountable,
it wasn’t like that once

Her feelings were surely right
Her emotions certainly real
somehow I failed to see the resemblance,
too busy trying to conceal

She said, “I want you”
I heard something else to do
thought I had her figured out,
and didn’t have a clue.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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