The only other one… [POEM]

She feels
as if
she is deserving
I belong to someone else,
more worthy
but with her I can find myself,
and letting go
no accountability
and no need
to let her know
more than I choose to say
or why I’d choose to stay
when she is alone
away from me
and what I have deemed
she offers much more
and complete submission,
if I let her
and she obliges
to feel this way…

for as long as she remains
the only other one

I feel
I am more
he is so much less
but able to afford
willing to put up with
what I chose to put down
and make no sound,
of course
so I demand
that she remembers
and I give him standards
to contend with
unbeknownst and secret,
I find pleasure
in her weakness
so I seep
leave impressions
and residue
so that my admission
is continued
and residual
but not enough to warrant
making some commitment
I enjoy the profit,
let him run the business…

for as long as I remain,
the only other one.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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