Temptations… (Time for You) [POEM]

forbidden fruits
spoil just the same
so I might as well
taste it
to make sure
that it stays as sweet
as it seems
especially from over here
in my idea
under the covers
of thought
that I have discovered to be
quite free
and reserved
and relentless
waiting to be picked
begging to be pulled
wanting to be touched
falling into my hands
by the night
of so much
and sometimes morning
of so many
when ready
to be loose
of a guarded garden
at least for now
or as often as need be,
if any
to my likening
and liking
and pleasure
sans penalty
but percussion
carpe diem
per substance,
blame a strange fruit
for being perfect

access granted
another being
left stranded
to cultivate
while being bystander
to her fullness
as I ultimate
and enjoy the nectar
and expression
on her face,
going into her juiciness
swimming about her rivers
sliding down her mountains
letting not one moment
go to waste
with temptations
leading the way

the garden grows anxious
time eagerly awaits the bloom
forbidden fruits
spoil just the same,
temptation tells me soon…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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