Preferred…   [POEM]

He doesn’t care about you
and I don’t either,
so leave us
be better by yourself,
spend time alone,
buy yourself
don’t do it again
this time, try yourself
don’t follow the trend,
defy yourself
don’t try to lose this weight,
find yourself
gain perspective
ask why, yourself…

He doesn’t need you
I don’t believe you
He would never desire you
I would only deceive you
both by repetition
cause, effect, and consequences
special circumstances
constant issues,
so just let us go
abide by your own choices,
just let us know
we won’t stop stopping by,
just let us flow…

He doesn’t love you
I refuse to go through it
You meant what you said,
and we both knew it
so don’t do it
abandon this dream,
don’t pursue it
let this thought collapse,
don’t renew it
let the lie be a lie
just don’t prove it
the key is enjoying yourself,
don’t lose it…

He was just your past
I was just something to believe in
the moment was your choice
and you stay there for a reason…



©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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