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You had me on clouds… [POEM]

I could
have known better
rain was nothing new
sunshine been around
since forever
and you,
well you ain’t
nothing different
no more something else
than the other one
you were,
well you were
just another one
come saying
with sayings
just saying what you could
and I listened
oh did I listen,
listened to you good
heard new syllables
and better pronunciation
more clever sounding pillow talk,
your words rhymed different
spirit chimed in perfectly
a mixture for certain
of amazing
and wanting me
something that felt like soft
in the midst of how hard
it always was
or would be
easy going along
as opposed to
how I’d been so often,
had lost along the way
felt like you had found me…

and now I can see
an unimpeded view
from your perspective
the side
that you said
I would never understand
or connect with
and the sun
is all I am left with

a difference
than before
you had me on clouds.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Without You… [POEM]

I’ve done it…

nothing, everything else,
foolish, all by myself
being stupid
reckless too
ignorant, and rebellious
especially fool

thought that I knew better
no need to know more
finding blind
a better way to travel,
what do I need to know for?

going about it hard
carefree, uncompromising, and unapologetic
impulse and spontaneity,
thoroughly vetted

the most outrageous
the “never in a million years”
the “there is no possible way”
the “I can’t believe what I did”

mistake prone, clumsy
irresponsible and slight
religiously continuously habitual,
swearing I’m right

in the dark, boldly
yielding no caution for care
in the light, proudly
naive and unaware

to my own liking
towards a favor of some crowd
tip-toed in silence
stumped, aloud

against the grain and wayward
outcast and black sheep
to the soundtrack of my own drum,
a one man symphony

Yes, indeed…

I’ve done it all
and probably because
I was
without you.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

That voice You hear… [POEM]

there will always be a voice
someone or something betting no
while you simultaneously have a choice
staying or letting go

there is a story, either way
a past before, unknowns, “stuff”
excuses you could have used to stop
reasons you should have given up

there are days filled with obstacle
nights that will never end
insurmountable odds that await you
abandonment, family and friends

trials are sure, tragedy certain
death will always be
progress is important, overcoming is the result
small steps account to victory

staying sound is more the aim
gaining wise to know the way
being silent for sake of learning,
speaking boldly when time to say

questions prove interest
answers prove action
growth proves accountability
success is proven matter of factly

and there will yet be doubt
there will still be pain
there must always be loss
in order for there to be change

no need in being contrary
from who you are to ascend
while conforming to the usual
in an effort to pretend

still there will be a voice
a whisper that screams you on
toward the tiniest of moral victory
in preparation for the going

as momentum begins to persuade
and motive amounts to trust
you will engage the fight aware
for there is greatness on the cusp

learned behavior, character building
proud moments of despite
underprivileged circumstance, situational victim
synonymous of the like

so the win you achieve is recognized
advantages taken of
while all else fails to support you
there are dreams worth waking up

whether it stops or starts your movement,
is a choice you lose to fear
and the only voice that matters
is the one you choose to hear.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

call that belief… [POEM]

I do not know how
to turn distance
into a smile
as you leave
all else aside

believe me, I’ve tried

lied to myself
tied the strings of my heart
into a knot,
and a bow was all I got
a present to you

believe me, it’s true

cannot see fit
to erase the things I know
haunted by the truth of it all
as far as it seems to go
or as much I pretend

believing we are friends

shallow of me
to think so deep
that there might be a whole,
at least a crack underneath
from there might be a leak

I call that belief.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

lil Black girl… [POEM]

little Black girl
dark chocolate Black girl
color of midnight,
and purple
look just like oil
hue just like soil
ole tar baby complexion,

What you doin’ with all that perfection?

having no idea
how incredible your charcoal ebony mix
that is treasure you covered in lil Lady,
priceless, and worth every cent

sable, just plain ole pretty
deep river of magnificent
you sure are something to behold,
and we’re all just witnesses

want to show ’em
what color is behind their blink
you tell ’em your story
written in pure, unfiltered ink

little Black girl
incredible Black girl
amazing Black girl
unparalleled Black girl

You better be unapologetic,
Black girl

Who called you poor and ugly?
as rich as your melanin is
that ain’t nothing but black gold,
and you tell ’em it is!

you tell ’em with them lips
them lips kissed with soft and warm
you tell ’em with them eyes
them eyes so piercing forward
you tell ’em with those cheeks
them cheeks so sculpted well
you tell ’em with that nose
that nose full, what good you smell?
you tell ’em with them shoulders
them shoulders you carry strong
you tell ’em with your back
that back running dark and long
you tell ’em with those thighs and hips
thighs and hips that carry worth
you tell ’em from your womb
it’s your womb that carries earth
you tell ’em with them hands
them hands that hold the day
you tell ’em with those legs,
as them legs just walk away

… on your way to GREATNESS,
little BLACK girl

YOUR BLACK ain’t oppressed,

little Black girl.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Found out…  [POEM]

I found out
a different way
that love wants
a distance between
the first time
and true feeling
just to imagine
you healing
from being torn
and your body
after being worn
and nobody
noticing the pain
I realize your want
is still the same
you want to see
that it has to change
the view from nowhere
has no vantage to gain
add perspective
and it became…

You’ll find out
in due time
that being without
is a true sign
of longing
and the aftertaste
of once belonging
to see what happens
is an ongoing
since you stick with
going about the way
of indifference
choosing cooperation
over consistence
and for the sake of
being prolific,

found out
was how it occurred
and clearly
for now is blurred
churned silence
spurned violence
a crowd awaits
termed while it
which lonely to see
until surprise
found out what I believe.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

To get there… [POEM]

What sacrifice will you sake
What sorry won’t suffice
What strength will you surrender
What story will you survive

to get there

What mountain will you move
What maybe will you miss
What movement will you martyr
What mistake will you miff

to get there

What adventure will you accept
What acknowledgement will you assume
What affirmation will you apply
What action will you approve

to get there

What right will you respect
What reason will you require
What responsibility will you remember
What reflex will you retire

to get there

What time will you think
What torment will you terminate
What tragedy will you trump
What trial will you tolerate…

to get there.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Side of You… [POEM]

I’d be willing
to bet
that you never forget me
or let
anything become
that could come in between
what we will always
used to be

there is someone else
but you are used to me
and your body
won’t let you embody leave
so you breathe
inhale my scent
wherever I went
content with things
being uneasy

does your mind still
seek out ways to figure
or have you surrendered
just accepted that this is
what you have
always wanted to
be a part to,
and not in not to

something about the water
we both share fond
and then there is the dryness
that you cannot get beyond
I hope you’re still
come on

reminders and reflex
to which
you have no defense
pretending to be away
while your heart is on
thee fence
question answered in kind
what is thee tense
you won’t make it,
what is thee sense

and no one knows
this side of you
unlike I do
long before you found out
that it would still
I knew.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

The Sound of Color… [POEM]

say something dark
bring this room to life
stay until it sparks
bring your moon to night

too soon to light
strike the mood
shades of intimacy
with colors shrewd

incredible hues
distinct tones and rhythm
edible moves
a taste so worth the listen

not to mention
pallets and pockets, pure
in context of the spectrum
concentrated sure

let the noise endure
soaking wet earth tones
pink strings sing bass
brown mountains to play on

blank stares that stay gone
found like no other
contours and complexity,
beautiful sound of color.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

something else…  [POEM]

You are
something else
other than myself
who knows
just how much so
something felt
goes so far
as to behold
a much greater sense
of what we have
as opposed to
what is left
when you’re gone

I want to do
something else
other than whatever
more than different
exquisitely profound,
like run-on sentences
in paraphrase
spoken in that other language
paired in ways
that break the monotony
of apology…

I am sorry for saving you

I think
something else
every time
every time is unique
and never mind
but never mine
if ever I
so if ever I’m
or if I ever find
I will be sure
to pay attention
or press rewind

I see
something else
for a little while,
but not for myself
for a better reason
for help
wanting to feed you
the rest
taking for granted
nothing feasible
for less…

lest we can

something else
about now
that is not inappropriate
or disproportionate
to being weak
held bound to the notion
hell bound
hellbent on being seen
hell of a way to explain ourselves
being we,
being deemed
being free

or at least being…

something else.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers