Stuck…   [POEM]

either we fight
or we are both right
both nice to a fault
won’t let go
still carrying on,
the way we were taught
while pretending to manage
finding reason to still care
accusing the strayers,
of being stranded
acting as if we can be okay
with a past un-handled,
but we’re stuck
I know I must be with you
you know that same thing too
pieces spread across our past
but what do healers do?
be real and still be true,
with boundaries
lost in the safeness of self,
is how you found me
finally recognized
you saw that your hope was heard,
I discovered treasure,
a bounty
abound me was a better, albeit an already there
we knew one another,
from somewhere
from places and people familiar
but too stuck to reveal it
so we waited on the glue
my frostbite had to wear off,
you still had freezing to do,
now we’re cool
and now we do,
still due
to the fear of what we prove,
but still true,
and stuck.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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