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because it is you… [POEM]

I would do anything,
by any means
try if it seems,
and still be pleased

because it is you

I would go the distance
forged with persistence
learning while I listen,
with intention unassisted

because it is you

I would sacrifice to no avail
surrender it all with no regret
hand over everything asked,
my passion, to my paycheck

because it is you

I would give until I had no more
I would live however I had to endure
I swear I would, and that is for sure
I would never get sick, having found the cure…

because it is you.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Stuck…   [POEM]

either we fight
or we are both right
both nice to a fault
won’t let go
still carrying on,
the way we were taught
while pretending to manage
finding reason to still care
accusing the strayers,
of being stranded
acting as if we can be okay
with a past un-handled,
but we’re stuck
I know I must be with you
you know that same thing too
pieces spread across our past
but what do healers do?
be real and still be true,
with boundaries
lost in the safeness of self,
is how you found me
finally recognized
you saw that your hope was heard,
I discovered treasure,
a bounty
abound me was a better, albeit an already there
we knew one another,
from somewhere
from places and people familiar
but too stuck to reveal it
so we waited on the glue
my frostbite had to wear off,
you still had freezing to do,
now we’re cool
and now we do,
still due
to the fear of what we prove,
but still true,
and stuck.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

room for too… [POEM]

that’s what we have
but beliefs make it bad
or seem inappropriate,
and I was just hoping that
we could continue
with a change of venue,
you still smell like him,
and I rather enjoy her scent
but we’re in this moment
and neither of them know,
we persuaded them convinced
you’re just as faithful as then
I am as loyal as pretend
while we make love as friends
hold hand of the wind,
but won’t let it show
it’s not cheating if you go home,
just finding reason to know
not everyday deserves my honesty
and that truth is your hobby
dressed in critique and dogma
fear of a God that logs off
so that nature could take course,
you’ve got vows to enforce,
like “for better or until death”
I decided to save my breath,
so that all my energy is left.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

not at this time… [POEM]

we have our differences,
like listening
not paying attention,
and distance


too many options


and friction

desires, fiction

not to mention,


like whether or not,
to miss it
had we determined a spot
and how or where to kiss it

we made up over a mistake
ran into each other today
and decided on what to say…

we are better off,


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

gray areas… [POEM]

what are we waiting for
just delivering more
not evading nor
letting love take its course
forcing the hand of fate
still waiting…
until it is too late
wishing when we should see
or making things be
manifesting the most of it,
and living out dreams
bursting out of the seams
instead debating misery,
the mediocrity of chase
but I love you the same
and you feel in such a way
that we should just try it for sake
or at least pretend to be
allow that to evolve into free
capture the moments in full
hold on to what becomes of the seed,
I can grow to become your everything,
you just have to be my root,
and not leave…

this is like tears
liquid from your lips representing my fears
falling for no reason
but for the cheers
what we have has no peers
and forever, has no years
just everything we need
because we believe
and won’t slip

this is the gray area
the shouldn’t be here
but stay, area
the way to nowhere
but weigh, area
the unspoken
but say, area
the may area
the one way at night,
but different everyday, area
the blank area
filled in by circumstance
if at least given the chance
to be black, or white
for life.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Does your body ever… [POEM]

I am sure that your Mother does,
Your Dad is probably curious too
ran into one of Your friends yesterday,
assuming I’m still in touch with You…

but what I really want to see,
is if your body ever asks about me

like, in the middle of the day
does Your neck say, “I miss him”
when Your mind recalls our past
do Your lips ask, ” Can we kiss him”

if Your arms feel heavy
holding on to someone else
if Your hands can get held
all by themselves

does Your skin get the attention
that amazing always deserves
is Your hair being pulled
enough to calm Your nerves

are Your shoulders told to relax
while Your back is given rest
has Your stomach found a touch
that is as firm as My caress

have Your breast found support
that came from lips like Mine
while Your legs found their equal,
simultaneously intertwined

how is Your heart
has it been full since I left
is Your soul still being nurtured
is someone seeking out its depth

are Your insides being attended to
for all intents and purpose
is Your broken being mended too
are all Your senses working?

what about Your eyes
are they stared into relentlessly
is Your face held in the palm of a hand
while You are told to ask for anything

are You being bathed in dedication
are You a reason and not a right
do You get to say, “Good Morning”
after lying next to Your “Good Knight”

are Your dreams being considered
are Your wishes being fulfilled
have You been given Rest Assurance,
are You okay with being still?

are you as far away from lonely
as your spirit needs to be
are you satisfied with only
being given thoughtful things


I am sure that your Mother does,
Your Dad is probably curious too
ran into one of Your friends yesterday,
assuming I’m still in touch with You…

but I really want to see,
if your body ever asks about me.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Isolated…    [POEM]

your light
deserves bigger room
and more space
with many windows
that allow
for sunlight, and awareness
with sheer walls
and lace partitions
glass cubicles
and oddly placed peepholes
in an open environment
and for irony,
a lock and key
an invisible force field
for security
to keep in all the goodness
that could escape
if you don’t breathe
but no doors
so that you are free
once you leave
and running water
in the breeze
of the words you speak

you need to be
left to decide
at any given moment
that you may
change your mind
or find reason
to want cover
and company
that is of no obligation
to stay
but must surrender
for a time
such is as long as you need
to realize
that such a place
is not what you seek
and would have
been more pleasing
with purple walls
and yellow floors
red window panes
plus orange doors
blue ceilings
trimmed in gold
white countertops
and green rugs
all covered in something soft
or orange
to cushion the blows
of every one who enters
but never knows
how hard it is
to live
up to you.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Re-Turn…   [POEM]

if ever we meet again
and my words are enough to say,
I will marry you in that moment,
never leave you from that day

should have found the way to
no reason was as good
with all that was the forecast,
how dare I leave misunderstood

sick, recalling that one promise,
“One year from now will be…”
and sure as time would pass us,
life recorded that one thing

but plans no match for pleasure
and soon indulged was I
looking for a peace
that you’d made not hard to find

and since has been a mention
but a faded sense of be
wishing chance revisit
as you come back to me…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

assume àsę… [POEM]

roads and paths unknown,
a journey so far to go
times and change to bear
the much that I should know

even but, I assume àsę

winds that blow uneasy
scars that tell the truth
loves that up and leave
and care that finds no use

all the while, I assume àsę

being whole will undo my tether
seeing clear will unveil my blind
going on will confuse my stagnant
moving forward will extend my time

during which, I assume àsę

no perfect as important than being
no being more important than I
knowing well the focus of living
doing well unto all ’till I die

all the time, I assume àsę.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Enough…   [POEM]

from here and this one time
no morning seems so far
away from where we were
so alive in this dark,
mentioned by the way
too long ago to notice
that what we have is real
enough to give us focus
on to things that matter more
such is reason to partake
in the course of what is love
while unlike a heart to break
up along the expectation
for things to come do know
down below the bows of fear
not the least of way to go
into realms and stars unkind
to the lengths of even should
we dare not define the words
less a chance misunderstood
by way that some have gone
to the place that all might see
our turn awaits the presence
in a future that might flee
per mediocre happenstance
unto tragedy does it come
for sake of living comfortably
a somewhat peace undone
while we enjoy the blood of it
seeking thirsty for the flesh
a feeling more important now
than rank of happiness
in the bosom of another’s her
for all that makes no sense
there is yet enough confusion
to provide this so convinced
enough would ever sacrifice
enough would never be
enough will only compromise
until enough is all we need.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers