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she is… [POEM]

she is the love child
of wrong and right
the mistake of mischief,
the song of life
she is what happens
when a soul is set free
such the reason for chains
and why trust doth not be
she is how to explain light
to a dark colored past
and how to express hope
in a world dying fast
she is what goes awry
for lack of her aim
the distance between points
and the mess that remains
she is more to the story
than what was said to be true
yet an untold rendition
that a mystery proved
she is just like the others
that no one could figure
an ambient source
a light under flicker
she is terrible with time
less her moment is near
and thus she is punctual
to the vestige of fear
she is why you write poems
how words come to breath
all that is gone
and everything left
she is how I see love
why my heart grows content
for knowing her once
was a life worth, and spent.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


what happens, After… [POEM]

you know my answer is yes
without saying, no question needed
no reason why
you say, i believe it
it has already been decided
the fight conceded
as long as you end up here
my lonely is preceded
with knowing it won’t be for ever
just for as long as you take
to get better
so i’ve given name to this season,
the rain of redemption
the precipitation of pleasure
the winds of wonder no more
the storm that brings us together
i’ve as well given time of my departure,
i am here until
that means perpetuity
and i mean it, to the letter
i am content in searching for you,
having found you to be treasure
you control my movement,
it is like i am your lever
there is no reason for my past,
i have let it all go, severed
i am chained to your changes, tethered
so i am stuck, in position to care for you
regardless, no matter what, always
i have made that choice,
you are my decision,
so i am charged with going through
to get to what happens, after.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Done…   [POEM]

not until you are finish
and have had enough
by way of experience,
through sorts of stuff

no word will matter
no saving grace
no escape from the trueness
less for saving face

beyond the fate or certain chance
there be reason and circumstance
so side by side of standing by
you won’t elude the demanding why

hurt brings love for awful things
pain calls lonely right at home
trouble decides the way you feel
confused is why you are alone

…until you are done.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Trust that you… [POEM]

I trust that you…
should, can, will
well-knowing you
could stand still
and it is your choice,
whichever way
if and when you decide,
whatever you say

I trust that you…
won’t follow suit
ignoring the trap of tradition
so it doesn’t swallow you
there are options,
truth be told, there is time
as life is sure to unfold
never be scared, you’re alive

I trust that you…
Go, Do, Be
it is up to you,
don’t you see?
you get to leave or love
at your desire and decision
just know the moments,
whether forgiveness or permission

I trust that you…
try for yourself
the point of having wings
is to fly for yourself
there is everywhere
and anywhere you choose to be
that is most important,
and what matters to me.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

In case of Emergency…   [POEM]

you are preserving self, for someone
while taking pain and hurt, for you
there is still the chance to escape,
an old rumor could still be true…

the uncertainty of being selfless
where you should have thought to not
but for sake of being considered
you chose to be a rock

the truth has more so been the problem than what we pretend our lies to be
refusing to accept our own selves,
instead denying lives we lead

there is good reason for being faithful
infidelity has it’s own
but loyalty has not the ownest
nor is love, as such has shown

feelings matter not for desire
emotions only serve to confuse
there is still justification for un-comfort,
an obsession for being used

where the statue stands for honor
there was once a bloody war
that had no cause of being needed
but remains a reason for

per course of learning to matter
in the classroom full of fools
teaches well on how to standout
being misfit, breaking rules

should be decided to abandon
or if chosen, to commit
no road enters here unchallenged,
even paradise has conflict

you sit aside an ocean
wishing yet to know it more
but as willing her discretion,
into what cup should she just pour?

long time ago you knew well
there used to be this hope
and now you know what happens
inside of such a rope

there is bliss in being blind
there is shelter inside that cage
another story in those same words,
another chapter beyond that page

so, i will be the reason
give your blame to me
i will take that hurt off your hands,
it’s all the same to me…

in case of emergency,
break my heart.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

I find you… [POEM]

I find you neither
his, or mine
while you were
here today
but there for the night
between the frequencies,
far too frequently
leaving particles behind
not for any remainder,
but for the remind
he gets the symbol,
I get the signs
and you require us both,
for a time
an incredible orthodox,
the blasphemous blessing,
of the inner mind
an untangled tangible
your out, or in,
atop both of our mantles,
as both,
memory and rewind
all too mesmerizing,
remembering that you chose
to decide
a sifters sort of separate,
albeit designed
you are the most,

I find you neither
a truth, or a lie
like was said, “forever”,
only as a time
but never more than for long,
at a time
together more than once,
an uncooperative conjunction,
in a bind
indifference to the susceptibility
acceptable for a what
ineligible as a why
but not long afterwards,
did doing so a try
you with him to live
you with me for life
we both know the difference,
just settling for the prize
for winning in perspective,
is neglecting which to drive
the trophy sits in silence
hoisted for surprise,
to say the least,

I find you neither
right, or wrong
an especially as exception
a string that strings along
doing as done unto dire
a mire mired in her song
playing a special music
inspired by the tone
changes in selection
fired by the gone
might as well
live this life away
at least prior to going on
I find no reason to quit
and why should I,
tied tired by your tongue,
until I am done protecting
a life much rather prone
to finding out if
his, nor mine
is for now, or for long.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Shouldering Ghosts… [POEM]

imaginary burdens
that are perceived to be real
that weigh just as heavy
and deserve to be killed
issues and old chapters
just won’t be forgotten
laying all around your way-path
keep coming until you stop them
hindering possibility
stagnating your best
prolonging your potential
withholding your success
people you should have removed
others you have yet to add
confusion based on interpretation
a world that wishes you’d go mad
hurt that could’ve healed yesterday
pain that don’t have to matter
love ain’t no reason to lay there
happy ain’t what happens after
sick from being so tired
tired from being so sick
alone because you chose a crowd
ignoring the truth to go with
feelings that could have waited
time you could have spent
hope that you probably wasted
prayers that were never sent
you are haunted by a history
a past you honor most
refusing to accept a present
while instead you shoulder ghosts

that have

… been leaving you out
… been messing you around
… been keeping you back
… been holding you down.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Selfie…   [POEM]

I like myself
so I hype myself
I believe my vision can happen,
so I write it, myself
in spite of myself
and despite the help,
I excite myself
I listen to advice,
but I try it myself
I know full well the potential,
so I ignite myself
darkness is inevitable,
but I light myself
against any and all odds,
I fight, for myself
no pretending,
I can psych myself
I’m right, with myself
no blind spots,
I have sight myself
to challenge the heights, myself
I hear the voice of both,
rhyme and reason,
and I reply, myself
I speak life that it might help,
and inside of myself,
I continue to believe in possible
so I take flight, myself
I do not worry about conformity,
I own the rights to myself
I have pride in myself
I know action is the difference,
I apply it, for myself
I know there is a specific place for me,
and I will arrive there, myself
I can drive myself
even if I have to be by myself
because I belong there,
I am a survivor, myself.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

left me here… [POEM]

i fell for the stance
my old callous soul,
started to feel for romance
i, of all people
there once was no chance
i’d been fine, in the blind
given no glance
but oh, through circumstance
something about her sound,
i became affixed, in a trans
her moods became my music
and i wanted to dance
not for any sake of it
but because, that i can

awake, like never before
with all that i could take
there could ever be more
but yet here i was to break
all of my stake, on the floor
trying to persuade her to wait
i made the mistake
of taking the tour
now i want the place,
i feel safe, just by the door
so i was in, and out, respectively
even if the choice is either,
placed by the or

i am available,
just to be near
anyway i am wanted,
but just to be clear
i am full aware and can stomach,
being next to being there
by being myself
i am my best, being where
and even i fail the test
she’d best be aware
the odds against mean nothing
i guessed, being fair
it’s all the same to me
all of the rest, being rare

face the reality
it’s all the name
the risk are actually,
but it’s all the game
time to adjust
because it’s all the same
i win or i lose,
it’s all, the pain
i choose to go back,
all for change
make oath to make adjustments,
this time, go all the way
i just ask for my share
and she not have all the say
saving all that i could
before she throws it all away
because she left me here,
and will be gone all today.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

You’re going to… [POEM]

you ARE going to
you’re just going through
it looks like everything but win,
but you’re going to
just keep going,
doing YOU
keep on,
because you have to move
do not let not moving move you,
show and prove
but not until YOU decide
and that “when” is up to you
if learned is the lesson,
you won’t ever have to lose
failing or succeeding are choices,
you get to choose
the getting caught up in the process
doesn’t have to get to you
you get to DO
a chance comes with every circumstance,
so you get it new
it is ALL in your head,
get it through
perspective is your margin for error
magnificence by way of mistakes,
if you get it too
you need character, not characters
so get a crew
are all seeking qualified applicants,
get approved
figure out YOUR lane
find YOUR sweet spot,
get a groove
then continue, to move
stay committed, stay confident
but most of all, true
stay aware of YOURself,
stay YOU
there is a time to get hot,
but when it is not,
stay COOL
don’t let the rough times
get the best of you,
stay smooth
edits and adjustments
learn to be flexible, or adapt
stay loose
YOUR DAY is coming,
very soon…

you ARE going to
you’re just going through
it looks like everything but win,
but you’re going to!


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers