Even as it seems… [POEM]

you love
because you love
and for no other reason
than was
until you can prove
to yourself
that trying not to love
is no help

even as it seems

because love
is no way to live
yet love
is life itself
the much you fight to give
love is like its self
it survives,
despite its self
in spite of all the hurt
it comes,
and it helps…
while love won’t ever loathe
being the ship
that rights itself

even as it seems

that there is a love
that likes you just right
and will love you just like
for no reason other than that
and in knowing
that you just might
find it good enough to trust
and so you feel confident,
and adjust like…

you were told to,
because you were supposed to.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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