Monthly Archives: March 2016

In Hind Sight… [POEM]

i remember things
others, not so much
some are easier to forget
and pretending is a little tough

being strong doesn’t help either
nor is weakness a skill
i kinda remember that sometimes,
after allowing myself to feel

regret seems to find a way to exist
remorse for the darnedest things
pity has nerve to meet me often
closure is only a myth, it seems

all i have is to remember
forcing myself to stay awake
this unforgiven heart of mine
looking forward for something’s sake

an inquiry aloof from details
facts that never proved
and i can’t forget the lies i told
still or stuck, whichever moves

this happened for no reason
none that i find to be good
but i keep remembering the darkness,
or i’d forget it if i could.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Natyourally…   [POEM]

i love you
for you

and for me?
i wouldn’t have you be
anything else
other than yourself

i can live with that

i can live with forever,
who you are
the way you are
how you are
and i don’t have to know why

you are
why i love you

this is the worst you will ever be
i am for you,
in everything
and i can take that as well
just being
but i promise that it gets better
and more
and easier
just wait and see…
still, be

i know you love me
for me
not for the you that i can become
if you train me
into feeling
into thinking
into becoming
the same thing

unlike it could be
if instead we never even try
to let it happen,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Hue-Man…   [POEM]

there are insecure men
who have no reason to be sure
for lack of own esteem
the disease of hate becomes cure

sensitive creature
to the touch, to his own pride
flammable ego
but not enough, to his own side

a saddened case,
pardoned and pitied
not able to strength
he is suctioned to titties

paranoid thoughts
insatiable fears
the most unfortunate feelings,
mistaken as cheers

the color of grey,
dark blues, and red
choosing to negate,
start feuds, instead

there are insecure men
who have no reason to be sure
for lack of own esteem
the disease of hate becomes cure.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

a street very similar to yours… [POEM]

it just feels the same
even looks very much alike
and i think i hear familiar noises
scenery seems right

i got here a different way
the scenic path of course
muscle memory and sense of direction,
involuntarily by force

i recognize certain aspects
could swear of deja vu
at least reeking suspicious of a past
that i more than likely knew

somehow i feel just as comfortable
like a spot had been my space
without antics of my nuances,
i unusually found me safe

no beg to differ for once’ time
not necessary for my tour
this love stays in a place i remember,
a street very similar to yours.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Pace (in spaces)… [POEM]

having presence of mind
to make you present in mind
i am not presently inclined
to present you with time,
and a fault of mine
in between out of the box,
and caught in line
with every time
notion, thought, suggestion,
in every line
and i am very fine
like refreshment in soured grapes,
cherry wine
a scary sight
nary a sign
and therein lies…

being of sound mind and will
i have found mine and will
even if i find my but still
i am discovering i’s until
i steel
bending to the adjustment of us
cooperating until
the cohesion of sanctimony takes
or spills
into the blindness of fate
and fills
until i feel
something alike
or less tangible,

i once tore down my walls
for a tortured soul
let down my guard
to be nurtured whole.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

sound like love… [POEM]

bittersweet words
sound better
on the backs of melodies
hidden in between the cracks
of broken hearts
while a song is played
over the air
stationed near the ocean
of thoughts that are finite

hurt feelings
heal faster
in the moments of impulse
that disregard caution
and instead lead reckless,
towards the hills of being quiet
as you think about
just how much you want her

incomplete thoughts
make sense
when you need someone
like him
to be flexible enough
in his firm
allowing for changes
to be implemented

and thus love is
inconveniently amazing
radically plain
and astoundingly awkward
for the purpose(s)
of being


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Our sky, No limit… [POEM]

i don’t need fanfare
as long as you’re there
don’t matter what matters to them,
as long as you care
i don’t see much of a need for space
i’d love to create rooms for two
i don’t see a reason to wait,
is now too soon for you?

i can manage well on my own
wouldn’t mind if you supervise
best chance i ever had was great,
time to supersize
i have newfound respect for being loved
look what you’ve done to me
being safe kind of feels like neglect,
giving it a try could be fun for me

i think that this is what they mean
they were talking about people like you
when was said happily ever after
or that dreams will come true.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

we are different…   [POEM]

we are different
for the same reasons
because we won’t stop thinking
because time is going so fast
and we don’t want to miss out
on having regrets
of not waiting
when we could have
but for the knowing
of what we could have
is why we had to
so we did
instead of talking about it
we just went along
and danced still
while the music was in the middle
and we danced around it
because we liked
or because we wanted
and of the way it sounded…

we are different
alike other things
amongst many reasons yet
and here we are arguing,
about some silly threat
to leave
or to not change
like no one before had this argument,
like we don’t know what started it
like it was ever going to end
like love won’t last forever
like we haven’t been
all this time, perfect
and unknown…

we are different
than the we’s that we had before us
than the times that preceded now
than the moments felt previous
to how feeling feels with this
than the forevers we prayed would end
than the what ifs that we miss,
not for wanting
but for the sake of being wanted
and having been able to tell
a difference
those, and these
then, and now…

we are different
for good reason
a perfect way to be
and the only way
so that we love to change.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Us…   [POEM]

i am not getting married
to no idea
that i can’t divorce
because it doesn’t measure up
or mean what i need it to
as i desire

anymore than i will be hurt
for the sake of being un-alone
when i’d rather be marooned
on an island of my own
by myself
to become who i want

until i am ready,
for you.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

luhv (custom)… [POEM]

pillow talk is
tantamount to espionage
especially facades
a recipe for fraud,
men get soft
especially when hard
women get off
unless’n we respond
to threats of being loved more
under the act,
above or
compared to the facts
lies are a drug, more
easily addicted to
and harder to kick
truth is that truth is
harder to listen to
than bargaining with
and recovery sticks
for functional users
admirer is akin to abuser
if you choose’er
being vulnerable makes you visible
a victor to which cometh spoils,
not a loser
and she will lie there,
if you move her…

just say nothing
unless something proves more
than being quiet
choose your fix
and be inspired
to live
with the fear,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers