Pace (in spaces)… [POEM]

having presence of mind
to make you present in mind
i am not presently inclined
to present you with time,
and a fault of mine
in between out of the box,
and caught in line
with every time
notion, thought, suggestion,
in every line
and i am very fine
like refreshment in soured grapes,
cherry wine
a scary sight
nary a sign
and therein lies…

being of sound mind and will
i have found mine and will
even if i find my but still
i am discovering i’s until
i steel
bending to the adjustment of us
cooperating until
the cohesion of sanctimony takes
or spills
into the blindness of fate
and fills
until i feel
something alike
or less tangible,

i once tore down my walls
for a tortured soul
let down my guard
to be nurtured whole.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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