Natyourally…   [POEM]

i love you
for you

and for me?
i wouldn’t have you be
anything else
other than yourself

i can live with that

i can live with forever,
who you are
the way you are
how you are
and i don’t have to know why

you are
why i love you

this is the worst you will ever be
i am for you,
in everything
and i can take that as well
just being
but i promise that it gets better
and more
and easier
just wait and see…
still, be

i know you love me
for me
not for the you that i can become
if you train me
into feeling
into thinking
into becoming
the same thing

unlike it could be
if instead we never even try
to let it happen,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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