In Hind Sight… [POEM]

i remember things
others, not so much
some are easier to forget
and pretending is a little tough

being strong doesn’t help either
nor is weakness a skill
i kinda remember that sometimes,
after allowing myself to feel

regret seems to find a way to exist
remorse for the darnedest things
pity has nerve to meet me often
closure is only a myth, it seems

all i have is to remember
forcing myself to stay awake
this unforgiven heart of mine
looking forward for something’s sake

an inquiry aloof from details
facts that never proved
and i can’t forget the lies i told
still or stuck, whichever moves

this happened for no reason
none that i find to be good
but i keep remembering the darkness,
or i’d forget it if i could.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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