Monthly Archives: April 2016

Facing Fears… [POEM]

please mind my noise,
stay through my quiet
feel where i have grown numb
calm down my riot

with me

ignore that i know so much
expect of me the same
hide my truth within your powers,
just take away my pain

love me like you know any better
find me worth the work
stay sound amidst the rage of current
until hurting you starts to hurt

forgive that i ain’t like they wasn’t
sort of a same kind of different
talk me through to the other side
pretend that i don’t listen

have pity on a broken soul
that lost it’s way before
give time a chance to make me better
and help me to the door.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


picturing you… [POEM]

i want everything
and nothing
from you,
and only you
and what you want,
i want that too
and how that manifests
well, whatever it takes,
i want to do
as a duo
just us two
formed anew
as we form a group,
that consists of
the particulars of your peace
and all things true
I want to stay by your side
until you move
to follow my lead
that is inspired by you
and i want a cypher
that deciphers my “I don’t knows”
into more than context clues
information you can use
to prove to yourself
and every one else
why you decided to choose…

i WANT to love you
and i WILL
as i DO
a garden guarded by your goddessness
consciously providing nourishment,
and lifefood,
is what I am planting
in the soil are handmade grooves
i deliberately chose this spot
it was written,
as well bemused
by fickle farmers former,
with temporary truths
so i came here to work
dedication previously unfamiliar,
i am unmoved
weathering whether or water
i won’t lose,
what i am after
is present
presenting a happily-ever-after
as a presence before me,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

… and then, LOVE… [POEM]

…then and only then
can it be said,

when it is added to everything else
like work
and patience
and trust
plus commitment
and dedication
and loyalty
with care
and consideration
and wisdom
in honesty
and truth
and understanding

while being open
to what change really is

not last names,
or addresses
or figures

but ideals
and personalities
and feelings
and longstanding habits
and beliefs…

YOU think you know LOVE
until you press past the possibility
that your risk has no reward
that your time is wasted
that it never becomes
what you expected
or had hoped
and planned
and wished
and said it was

So it is beyond that…

It is the until now
previously unclimbed mountain
that you decide
needs to be encountered
despite its cliffs
and edges
and steepness
and overwhelmingness
and insurmountable odds
given to those who’d decided before
to climb
only to rest
on not being able to

But not you

YOU give yourself the freedom
and choice
and power
to prove it can happen,
true and real

YOU realize that LOVE
does not mean possession
but instead release
and letting be
and the simplest,
of all these things

repeating yourself
and praying it over
and forgiveness beyond comprehension
and staying the course
present and aware
while taking in the view,
and all of its colors

from whatever distance
that comes with reciprocity
and recognition
and realization

and you repeat these steps
in whichever order is best to do
until it becomes more
and enough,
or true,

…then and only then
can it be said,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Pray’er…   [POEM]

a non-fiction faith
in the God to my liking
i am open for closure
match dun got to striking
free from that prison
unchained of the Christ
i am unapologetically human
lost my religion in a heist
now bound to a spirit
that allows for my yearning
redeemed by a savior
much akin to my learning
in love with a woman
for no other reason than right
an imperfect shade of darkness
given meaning by her light
the guilt and shame of history
no longer haunts me so
i am proud to my process,
having a figured way to go
finding life within the scriptures
and a living beyond those walls
per the moment i am grateful
sort of happy for the fall
abundance comes in flavors
i have tasted colors sweet
a wrinkle in my armor
now becomes a sort of pleat
for deciding left me choice-less
ignorance paid me well
the misfortune of my treasure
was a secret not to tell
yet angels save me sunder
favor perpetually endured
of all my ill and sickness,
my stubborn yet uncured
that death has done me part
a many times before
but born within the turmoil
has been a tabulating score
still praying towards forgiveness
but forgetting to forget
instead i give my worship
to the impulse of content
forsake not the assembly
but pursue not their praise
let bygones be thy gone
and dare not be afraid
i have told myself of greater
if i listen it will be
if i say then that shall happen
if i am, then who is He?
self reported my asylum
a refugee of war
i escaped the said appointment
unexpected at the door
so when master comes a knocking
i will answer to the cue
i, myself, am who i choose to be
to prove me different, who are you?


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

A once in awhile away… [POEM]

by random chance
that you might foresee
somehow, someway
a naught to be

at least of course
if such was more
for reason being
excuse galore

does not one know
has yet been seen
profoundly spoken
just to mean

for goodness sake
if not for me
that once in awhile
you’d set self free

and live in spite
no matter what
knowing no end
‘less after us.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

in memorandum…   [POEM]

the annals of my memory
recall you vividly
the angles of our history
would call you symmetry

i wish you were here

i have lost touch with my own sense
numb to the feeling of going
been mad without you ever since
feeling somewhat punished for knowing

i wonder if you wondered so

death brings to life so many things
darkness has known of lighting the way
there is a beautiful in this ugliness,
the silence has its own things to say

i pray you know the unknown now

what restitution must i offer for peace
i have given all to take nothing with
you went away more to say the least
and now every dream begins in if

i believe you meant well.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers