Pray’er…   [POEM]

a non-fiction faith
in the God to my liking
i am open for closure
match dun got to striking
free from that prison
unchained of the Christ
i am unapologetically human
lost my religion in a heist
now bound to a spirit
that allows for my yearning
redeemed by a savior
much akin to my learning
in love with a woman
for no other reason than right
an imperfect shade of darkness
given meaning by her light
the guilt and shame of history
no longer haunts me so
i am proud to my process,
having a figured way to go
finding life within the scriptures
and a living beyond those walls
per the moment i am grateful
sort of happy for the fall
abundance comes in flavors
i have tasted colors sweet
a wrinkle in my armor
now becomes a sort of pleat
for deciding left me choice-less
ignorance paid me well
the misfortune of my treasure
was a secret not to tell
yet angels save me sunder
favor perpetually endured
of all my ill and sickness,
my stubborn yet uncured
that death has done me part
a many times before
but born within the turmoil
has been a tabulating score
still praying towards forgiveness
but forgetting to forget
instead i give my worship
to the impulse of content
forsake not the assembly
but pursue not their praise
let bygones be thy gone
and dare not be afraid
i have told myself of greater
if i listen it will be
if i say then that shall happen
if i am, then who is He?
self reported my asylum
a refugee of war
i escaped the said appointment
unexpected at the door
so when master comes a knocking
i will answer to the cue
i, myself, am who i choose to be
to prove me different, who are you?


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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