Monthly Archives: January 2017

Reach for Me… [POEM]

I want you to reach for me
like you reach for your phone,
first thing in the morning

and give me that kind of attention

hold me for that long
focus on me that way

and because what you see
is that interesting,
talk about me all day

I want you
to keep checking on me,
when you have something else to do
when there are
not many more important things
that you could engage upon,
make me the priority for you

and share
things about me
even save some things
so that you don’t forget

let what you see
in me
influence your thoughts
and actions,
then defend me
and my argument

get caught up in me
as time just passes by
and pretend
that I am not a distraction
when someone asks you why

look for me
like I’m missing
when you know I’m somewhere near
protect me
with precaution and measure
have rules regarding me
ever so clear

I want you
to be so caught up in me
that you don’t notice
anything else
silent smiles and giggles,
like you’re in a world
all by yourself

I want you
to reach for me
give me
that kind of safe
can I be the world you get lost in?
give you that kind of place

I don’t want us to get disconnected
only Godly distractions
should there be
I refuse
to allow unnecessary dysfunction
I have decided
your attention
for me

so it is you,
that I will find captivating
to you,
that I will bring my all
for you,
shall I present my particular
in you,
I build my wall

I won’t ever be your confusion
but a constant source of light
all the anything you ever need,
if you choose to live this life.


©2017 Cornelious “See” Flowers


AnyWay…  [POEM]

I may not be able
to hug every pain away,
but I am going to
continue holding onto you,
in any way
I’m here and not going anywhere,
not ever,
not any day
We are going to
be what we decide is best for us
and I promise
to give all
that I KNOW and can SHOW
no matter what it cost
or what any say

I am still
and here
to prove it,
match my effort,
and let’s watch the Universe use it
to pour out more
than we ever thought we needed
I enjoy this feeling
of you in my arms,
believe it
and I need it
you are needed
to see
that what we thought was possible
will be
not only in due time
but immediately
this is our season,
NOW is the reason,

there is no rush
we just have to communicate
and touch
life is going to happen
and not happen sometimes
and such
but my life is a run-on sentence
that only you will punctuate
and thus
my commitment is fortified
by discipline
you are a decision that I have made
it is not just what it is anymore,
it’s US
no maybe or meantimes,
it’s must
we began as an affirmation,
it stuck…

So I may not be able
to hug every pain away
but I will never let you go
and I will continue to hold you,



©2017 Cornelious “See” Flowers